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Well it looks like Senator Barak Obama has his dander up, telling one and all to leave his wife out of the coming presidential campaign. Is that a fair request from the Senator? Michelle Obama has been quite outspoken, raising questions about pride in America, and proving to be a quite controversial figure in her own right. The wives of presidential candidates in the past have been open to criticism when they make public statements. What better example is there than Hillary Clinton.

Go to this link, and take a look at the Obama statements on how open for criticism the candidate’s wife is susceptible to. And take my poll on the left side of this page. My opinion? Any candidate’s wife who takes strong public stands and is running as a partner in the race for President certainly is open to scrutiny and criticism. Michelle Obama gets no special consideration.

Every now and then, I just had to take a break and get away… right? Well that’s just what I am doing this week, revisiting local haunts, beginning at my old alma mate at, Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I try to get back to Carolina, several times a year, particularly during basketball season. But on my way up the East Coast, I couldn’t resist a least one day where I spent some happy and productive years. Can you believe that the little house I lived in is still standing? 48 years ago, I was hanging out on Church Street, a few blocks from the campus. Here I am, sitting in the same front porch.


I also paid a visit to an old friend who is now the head track coach at Carolina. Coach Dennis Craddick was not there what I ran the hurdles back in the late 50s and early 60s. He has been quite successful since coming to Carolina, and has trained a number of Olympic competitors. Here we are pictured below, then I sneaked off to the track to jog a bit, and try my hand at the hurdles. How do I look?



Besides my other vices, I am a bookaholic, and visited a number of bookstores throughout western Massachusetts during this journey. This area is called the Pioneer Valley and could arguably be the most author-saturated, concentrated area of bookstores anywhere in the country. Yu can find numerous bookstores in Northampton. (Smith College), in South Hadley (Mount Holyoke College), and Amherst (Amherst College). Amherst is probably my favorite college town, very similar to Chapel Hill. Below, I’m in front of one of the popular local bookstores.


By the way, you are definitely in WASP country when you are traveling through these eastern states. Until recently, all white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestants. But not anymore. Hispanics have located throughout this area, and hold a variety of jobs. I saw Mexican policemen, security guards, telephone techs, you name it. Below is a photo of yours truly dining at one of Amherst‘s most popular restaurants, right on the main street.


If there was ever any question as to how hard it is to get affordable property insurance in Louisiana, check out Sunday’s front page story in the Baton Rouge Morning Advocate here. Rather than being aggressive like Florida, Louisiana has chosen to sit by and do little more than give corporate welfare to insurance companies. So much more could have been done, and it’s a tragedy that Louisiana has stood by and done so little. For more on the Louisiana property crisis, check out my column of April 30, 2008.

If you’ve never heard Billy Joe Shaver sing his songs in person, you’ve really missed quite a show. Willie Nelson says “Billy Joe Shaver may be the best songwriter alive today.” His songs have been recorded by the likes of Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, the Allman Brothers, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, the Oak Ridge Boys; the list goes on and on. Billie Joe’s songs are really country poetry, as he sings about hard times, wild living, and a forty-year long passion for his late wife. He comes to Louisiana once or twice a year for a concert, and I have to admit I become both a regular and a groupie. Below are several photos of me and Billy Joe when he is in Baton Rouge singing last week. You can also hear my favorite Billy Joe Shaver song, Live Forever, on my song box this week.



I don’t understand while horses that break legs are “put down” right on the track, in full view of the fans and the TV cameras. It happened Saturday at the Kentucky Derby. Runner-up Eight Belles had to be euthanized on the track after breaking both of her front ankles, marking the first time in the Derby’s 134-year history that a horse died. At least a tent could have covered the horse while all this was going on. And do you have to kill a lame horse? There is no way to set the bones in casts and let this philly live a quite life in someone’s pasture? Hey, this is 2008, yet modern veterinary medicine can’t respond.? I just don’t understand.


I’m puzzled by how the Disney Company operates. If you pick up the May issue of Vanity Fair off the newsstands, you will see this rather risqué picture of Hannah Montana, clutching a satin sheet to otherwise naked torso. A Disney spokeswoman told the New York Times that “a situation was created to deliberately manipulate a 15-year-old in order to sell magazines.” But then I see a picture of a young girl who looks all of 12 years old, on billboards all over China, reclining in a matching bra – and – panties set adorned with Disney signature mouse-ear design. So is the Disney Company trying to have it one way in America and another way around the world? I think old Walt is turning in his grave over what happened to the company he formed.



 New York Times conservative columnist William Kristol keep the Jindal for Vice President effort alive and well today (Monday) with a column touting Jindal’s benefit on a McCain ticket this fall.  Jindal had quite a week last week with appearances on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, a speech to the National Press Club, and a lengthy private dinner (reported here exclusively) at Commander’s Palace in New Orleans.  You can read the full New York Times article here.

And how about this really troubling story also from the Derby. Cops busted a couple who took a gamble by leaving their baby alone in a car while they went to watch the Kentucky Derby. Police say the 2-month-old was left unattended for more than 20 minutes during Saturday’s race. Police say the baby’s mother, Krystal Rose Downes, later told officers she thought her infant was safe enough because the car’s heat was on. She said she hadn’t endangered the baby “because after all, she didn’t leave the baby out in the cold,” and “she made sure she left the vehicle running so the heat could be kept on.”

The car was left running in a busy parking lot. Downes was arrested on misdemeanor child-endangerment charges. A real unfit mother. Charges should be greater than a misdemeanor.

So I’m hanging out with my buddy Chris”¦”¦. What’s that?  You think I’m putting you on?  Well, OK.  I was in Biloxi for the Chris Rock show last week.  Now I’m not saying he pulled me out of the audience.  But after the show, I did get a chance to visit and have a picture taken.  My son James, who is also a big Chris Rock fan, was there with me. Chris Rock does not hold back on the foul language.  But putting that aside, he is on the level with Robin Williams as one of American’s best social commentators of the current scene, and of race relations in American today.


This time of year, there are festivals galore throughout Louisiana. Now I am a die hard Bluegrass Country music fan. I have a whole slew of string instruments, including several guitars, a five string banjo, a 12 string guitar, a dulcimer, and my latest acquisition, a mandolin. That’s not to say I am that good of a musician. But I do like to strum or pick along, and you’d be surprised at the number of music festivals I attend. Of course I was a jazz fest in New Orleans this week. And last week, I traveled up through Washington Parish towards the Mississippi state line in the small town of Angie. They have several bluegrass festivals there each year with a lot of campers that come in from all over the country. Pictured below is my old friend Wes Thibodaux from Gonzales who played with his band the Cajun Travelers. I’m sure I’ll be seeing Wes and the boys in other festivals over the summer months.




Sen. John McCain brought his presidential campaign to Louisiana this week traveling on his well-known bus, The Straight Talk Express. The Senator held a fund raiser in Baton Rouge at the office of former Governor Buddy Roemer with several hundred people in attendance. On the evening before, McCain had a quiet, private dinner at Commander’s Palace in New Orleans with Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal continuing the ever increasing talk throughout the state that Jindal might end up on the Republican ticket as the vice presidential candidate. Being a recovering politician myself, I could not pass up the chance to have my picture taken with the Senator in Baton Rouge as you can see below. Joining me in visiting with the Senator is my brother-in-law, Republican Representative Steve Carter from Baton Rouge.


JINDAL VICE PREZ WATCH- Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s status as one of the final choices of joining the McCain ticket as the vice presidential nominee picked up steam last night, as Jindal met with McCain at a private dinner held at Commander’s Palace in New Orleans. Odds makers in Washington say the McCain list has been whittled down considerably, to less than five names, and Jindal is very much in that number.  Jindal is in the middle of quite a week.  Dinner Monday night with the President (also at Commander’s Palace), a private tete -a -tete with the current Republican nominee, he speaks to the Washington Press Club early next week, and tops this off with an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno this Monday night.  All while keeping a tight reign on the Louisiana  legislative session now in progress. What’s next?  His own sitcom?  The JIndal Bunch.

Golf Tournaments are pervasive this time of year, particularly as fundraisers for elected officials. One of the biggest I have ever attended was sponsored by the high Sheriff of Plaquemines Parish in the deepest of south Louisiana Parishes, Sheriff Jiff Hingle. I’m pictured here with the Sheriff just before I teed off. Oh, by the way, the lady with us is the Sheriff’s wife, Madalyne, who, by the way, just happens to be my sister.


Was former US Attorney Eddie Jordan involved in a bribery scheme when Edwin Edwards’ trial took place in 2000? That is an allegation being made by one of the attorney’s in the Edwards case. You can read the full story here that appears in news stories all over the state this week. Check out the Business Report story here,


The protesters put up the Mexican flag over the American flag flying
upside down at Montebello High School in California . These kinds of protests are becoming way to frequent, particularly in concentrated areas of illegal immigrants.

It points out just how little our government, at both the national and state level, has done to address this continuing and serious problem. To these happy go lucky revelers, flying the American flag upside down is just an occasion to celebrate. By the way, are you one of this 9/11 knee jerker’s who only fly the flag when there is a crisis? There are a number of major crisis’s in the country today that can drastically affect our future. We all should be fling the American flag outside our home. And fly it right,…that’s right side up.



Politics, Food, and Good Music

This week’s column is now up, and Jim talks about the flack Barrack Obama is receiving over his comments that rural America is bitter over their economic plight, and take comfort in religion and guns. Is he off track? Read what Jim has to say. And take the political quiz listed in the column. YOU might be surprised as to your “tastes.”

Also, check out Jim’s radio show beginning this Sunday on WRNO (99.5fm) from 11:00 am until 1:00 pm. The Pope is in our country, yet they are closing catholic churches in New Orleans. One of the reasons is the lack on priests. So is it time to let priests marry? That’s just one of many topics you can here Jim talk about on Sunday.



There are some special people profiled on my home page this week. Go to the music box on the left. If you’ve never listened to Eva Cassidy sing, you really missed a special voice. She died of cancer at 33 years old, her music is timeless, and she still sells many CDs all over the world. No one is saying this “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” any better. You can hear her and see her on you to at the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUwTdqPkluY.

Also, I would urge you to spend a few minutes listening to the last lecture of Carnegie Mellon Professor Randy Pausch. This was truly a one-of-a-kind at last lecture, for posh has cancer, and was giving his final words to his class. It would be an understatement to say that his last words were anything but inspirational.

Take the time to watch this riveting video now up on the right side of this page.

Carnegie Mellon Professor Randy Pausch, who is dying from pancreatic cancer, gave his last lecture at the university Sept. 18, 2007, before a packed McConomy Auditorium. In his moving talk, “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams,” Pausch talked about his lessons learned and gave advice to students on how to achieve their own career and personal goals. For more, visit www.cmu.edu/randyslecture.




There have been a number of recent political commentaries about Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal being a serious contender for the Republican vice presidential nomination? Does he have any realistic chance to be selected by John McCain? Jim writes about it this week in his new column. Be sure and check it out

Would you like to check your unconscious attitudes towards blacks and whites in a confrontation situation where there is a gun involved?  Check out the following test to measure your personal attitude.  . . Joshua Correll at University of Chicago has created an on-line test called “the police officer’s dilemma,” in which you encounter 100 pictures of black and white men, some armed and some unarmed. The idea is to shoot those who are armed and holster your gun when you see someone unarmed “” and the program measures how fast you do these things. Try it .  Who are you most likely to shoot”¦.a black guy or a white guy?



All of us die hard Tar Heel fans are in mourning this week. As many of you know, I’m a rock solid Carolina basketball fan. If you scroll down this blog page, you’ll see a number of photographs from my visit a few weeks ago to Charlotte for the ACC basketball tournament. Well, you can imagine my huge disappointment this past Saturday when my team suffered a humiliating defeat to Kansas in the semifinals of the Final Four.

I try not to be a fair weather friend, but this is the second post season major disappointment in the past two years. Last year, Carolina held a commanding 11 point lead in a quarter final game against Georgetown with only five minutes to go. Then they started lobbing unnecessary three point shots, and let the game get away. But it was a slaughter on Saturday night. At one point, Carolina was down 40-12. This is the number one team in the country and they are getting beat 40-12. And Coach Roy Williams just sits there and calls no time outs. I’m dumbfounded.

By the way, I wrote these sentiments in the Charlotte Observer earlier this week, in response to a column the sports writer there publishes. I’m getting emails from all over the country in agreement. The team is going down in flames and the Coach just sits there. You can read these comments here.

Check out Jim’s NEW column now posted.  Can you pay public officials base on performance?  Jim says you can.  Check it out under Jim’s New Column  box on the left.


Thursday 04-03-2008 7:53am CT

Well I hate to fess up to you, but I am still traveling a good bit, and playing hooky from many of the things I ought to be doing. But hey, I’ll be sixty eight next month, so cut me a little slack. I have really enjoyed myself this past month, and hope to continue doing so. I did have some concerns about some joint pain in the knees, and was reluctant to get out on the ski slopes. But I really do love to ski, and decided to give it a try several times this spring. I was off to a slow start out in Park city Utah, but I probably did not warm up properly. So I gave it a try again last week in North Carolina. I was cautious, took my time, worked around some little problems and could not have enjoyed myself more.

You have to be a little careful when dealing with man-made snow, particularly as the weather warms up. I took a bad fall some years ago in late afternoon on slushy snow around moguls, and paid the price of having to have surgery on my knee. I sure do not want to go through that again, and that’s why I’m cautious on the slopes. But I really look forward to skiing with my grandkids, so it was important to make the effort and keep myself tuned up for it.

I will share this story with you. Last year, I was skiing in Colorado on a delightful spring day where I only had to wear a sweater. It was late afternoon, and I was alone on the route I was taking. I skied up to the top of a ridge, and looked out over the breathtaking mountain view. Then I glanced to the side, and saw where someone put a sign in the snow. It read simply: “go home and face your responsibilities.” So that’s what I will do, and will write from Louisiana next week.

Delta Music Museum

Tuesday 03-25-2008 7:50am CT

Louisiana is synonymous with good music and great musicians.  Whether it is classical, Cajun, New Orleans Jazz, or the roots of country music that came from the Louisiana hayride, the state is loaded with musical talent.  To commemorate all this talent, the legislature created the Delta Music Museum that is located in my old hometown of Ferriday.  Jerry Lee Lewis, Jimmy Swaggert and cousin Mickey Gilly all are natives of Ferriday.
I had the pleasure last week traveling up to my old neck of the woods to dedicate the renovation of the old Arcade Theater that had been the movie theater there for many years.  It is now been turned into a musical auditorium right next to the music Museum.  Present Secretary of State Jay Dardenne invited former country musician of the year Mickey Gilly and me to take part in a dedication.

After the formal ceremonies, Mickey got up on the stage and entertained all the locals just like he has for over 30 years.  In 1978, over a thousand people turned out for Jim Brown fundraiser when Mickey Gilly was the special guest and entertainer.  He still does a great rendition of his longtime hit, “The girls they all get prettier at closing time.”

Jay Dardenne is doing a first-rate job of supporting and encouraging the growth of local museums throughout the state.  If you’ve not been a Ferriday, it is worth the trip to get a sense of this local musical culture, and enjoy the hospitality of my old hometown.


Wednesday 03-19-2008 3:11pm CT

If you are a die hard college basketball fan like me, this is easily your favorite time of year.  March Madness!  As basketball sportscaster Dick Vitel would say: “It’s ShowTime Baby!”
There was no better place in the country to be this past weekend than in Charlotte, North Carolina to watch the Atlantic Coast Basketball Tournament.  I was there for the full four days, cheering on my North Carolina Tar Heels.  Charlotte is quite a place to hold any event, and I talked about what a first rate tournament location it is in my column this week, now posted.

There is nothing like a good hot dog at a sporting event.  It’s unfortunate to say that we don’t serve a grilled, all beef, jumbo, juicy hotdog on a warm bun in many of our Louisiana sports locations.  Below you will see me enjoying a first rate dog (not a shriveled boiled weenie like you find in Tiger Stadium).  I will not confess to you how many hot dogs I ate during the four-day tournament.

Really authentic Tar Heel fans like me would never consider going to a game without having a Carolina tattoo.  You will see below me getting my display right before the game.

One of the best rivalries in all sports is Duke-Carolina.  We do a lot of good-natured ribbing of each other with our opponents before each game as you can see below.

Just in case the Tar Heels get in a jam  and need someone to substitute, I thought it prudent of me to warm up a bit at the practice facility.  How do I look?

I’m on the road again, this time heading towards the east coast. A trip from Baton Rouge start on Wednesday, made my way up Highway 61 to my old hometown of Ferriday. I had the pleasure of joining current Secretary of State Jay Dardenne, in dedicating a new state music auditorium, adjacent to the Delta Music Museum in Ferriday. Former country singer of the year Mickey Gilly joined the festivities, and put on a concert following the dedication.

I’m traveling for the next few days now, heading toward Charlotte, North Carolina, for the Atlantic Coast conference basketball championships. My alma mater, the University of North Carolina, is the number one ranked college basketball team in the country. I will be attending four days of basketball in Charlotte, and of course cheering on the Tar Heels.

Then it is up to Grandfather Mountain, northeast of Asheville, for some skiing, fly fishing, and bluegrass music. Are you envious of me? Keep an eye on my blog, and I will pass on some reports from the road from time to time.

Rayburn Memorial

Monday 03-10-2008 4:57am CT

A large crowd of state officials and local friends gathered at a small Baptist Church outside of Bogalusa this past Saturday to memorialize and bury former state Senator B.B. “Sixty Rayburn.  The service lasted for almost 3 hours and a number of us who served with Senator Rayburn were able to reminisce and share some wonderful stories about this legislator who served the state for some 50 years.
I am pictured below with former Governor Dave Treen, and U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu, who also spoke at the Rayburn funeral.

Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell had some great stories to tell about being in the Senate with Sixty Rayburn.  We visited for a while after the service.

Louisiana’s Insurance mess still continues to boil over with, unfortunately, no end in site. One of the real tragedies, as I have written about before, is the disaster created by the formation of Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Co. As the Baton Rouge Business Report said, Citizens is turning into the biggest financial disaster in the state’s history. There has been a class action law suit filed against Citizens. If you want o to stay updated, go the the class action website at http://lacitizensfairplanclassaction.blogspot.com/. I’ll keep you posted as to the legal activities in the weeks to come.

A lot to peruse on this week’s site, so spend a minute to look over a number of new postings. You might want to begin with a new video on the right. Many of you know that my daughter Campbell hosted the recent Democratic Debate on CNN. It was spoofed on Saturday Night Live last week, and they even used the same outfit Campbell wore at the debate. You will find it amusing.

My new column is up, giving some advice to Louisiana‘s new Governor. What should be his new priority? I suggest he play a strength that no other Governor has. Check it out.

Last week was concert week for me. I saw Bett Midler’s new show in Las Vegas and Michael Buble in New Orleans. You can find their music on the left where a new song is posted each week. And be sure and take the new poll up. Is Hillary toast? Stay tuned.

“Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the
intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved
body, but rather to skid in sideways – Cabernet in one hand, chocolate
in the other – body thoroughly used up, totally worn
out and screaming ‘WOO HOO!? What a Ride!’ ”


For those of you who watch what you eat, here’s the
final word on nutrition and health.

1. The Japanese eat very little fat and suffer fewer
heart attacks than Americans.

2. The Mexicans eat a lot of fat and suffer fewer
heart attacks than Americans.

3. The Chinese drink very little red wine and suffer
fewer heart attacks than Americans.

4. The Italians drink a lot of red wine and suffer
fewer heart attacks than Americans.

5. The Germans drink a lot of beers and eat lots of
sausages and fats and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans.


Eat and drink what you like.? Speaking English is
apparently what kills you.

To give you readers a “Jim Brown update,”? I’m still on leave from my radio show, and will probably get geared back up around the middle of March.? Quite frankly, I? have enjoyed some time to myself and the chance to get caught up on many projects that were put on the back burner.? I was on the air for a year and a half with no breaks, so you can imagine have many things to do just piled up.? I’m out west for a while, visiting a daughter and other relatives, and getting in a little long overdue skiing.

In the meantime, I am still writing a weekly column and will share some experiences along the way.? Check out this week’s column where I write about the head aches of getting through airport security, and some thoughts on LSU and the challenges of the new president.

Here is a quiz to let you know how you line up with the views of those running for President this year.? Hit the link below, and take this simple test.? You might be surprised as to who you philosophically are closer to.? Go to: http://www.vajoe.com/candidate_calculator.html


The Brown Family was well represented at the recent Washington Mardi Gras Ball. Pictured above Sister in Law Pam, my brother Jack, Niece and Orange Festival Queen Kari Eve, my sister Madalyne, all who joined me at the celebration.

For a look at a whole series of photos on the Washington Mardi Gras Ball, go to http://www.new995fm.com/pages/jimbrown.html

I have been attending the annual Washington Mardi Gras Ball for over 35 years.? It is been a “must attend event” for any Louisiana politician.? I have taken many family members over the years, including my mother, who made it again this year at her ripe young age of 92.? I even had to my nieces who were presented at the ball this year, and will have their pictures here on my website in the next several days.


Louisiana Congressman Charlie Melancon was the Washington Mardi Ball Chairman this year.? H never missed a dance, and seemed to be everywhere.? Charlie is a Democrat, and is a cinch to be re-elected this fall.

Jim’s New Column is now up, and he takes a look at the coming Louisiana US Senate race.? It looks to be a barn burner with republicans making an all out effort to unseat incumbent Mary Landrieu.? But what about the possibility of a major? independent candidate in this race?? Read about it in Jim’s NEW column.

Washington Mardi Gras

Tuesday 01-29-2008 7:17am? CT

Some three thousand Louisianans flocked to the nation’s capitol over this past weekend for the annual; Washington Mardi Gras Ball.? If you have any interest in Louisiana politics, this was the place to be. The new? Governor of Louisiana joined me in watching the various queens and princesses be presented.

A “News update” from Jim Brown
Tuesday 01-29-2008 7:18am CT
A little “news update” from Jim Brown in the Morning. We all need a break every now and then, and it’s time for me to take one. Did you know that I have been on the air here at 995FM.com since November of 2006, each weekday, for three hours? I have really enjoyed my daily routine and making so many new friends with so many listeners.

Now, I’m not going anywhere. Just taking a pause in putting on my show. Please tolerate my enjoying the Mardi Gras holidays and a few weeks thereafter. I’m off to the east coast to visit my new grandson, and visit some old friends. It’s also time for a ski trip, and finishing up a new book I have been writing. I’ll be back on the air here soon at a new time slot that will be announced in the weeks to come.

In the meantime, you can keep reading this blog site, and I will be reporting on my travels and keeping you posted on items of interest. Thanks for being a listener. I’ll be talking to you again soon right here at 995FM.com.

Gaming sign

There is a sign at the front door of many of our local gambling establishments in New Orleans that reads you can enter at 18, but you cannot gamble or drink until you are 21.? Makes good sense, right?? I supposed if you are 18, about all you can do is to stand around for a few years until you are 21. If you live in another state and this makes no sense to you, remember, this is the Big Easy.? We live a little differently down here.

Anderson Baker

Insurance continues to be a front burner issue in Louisiana, and I try to do a segment on the many problems being faced by homeowners and small business each week.? Insurance Agency head Anderson Baker joined me this week to answer questions from listeners, and help me explain the long process we need to go through to eventually obtain lower insurance rates throughout the Gulf Coast.? There are some solutions out there but the former Governor and present Insurance Commissioner have shown little indication that they are willing to make hard choices like surrounding states have done.

The John Wayne of the U.S Army has just retired.? Lt. General Russell Honore stepped down this week after over 20 years of service to his country. New Orleans will remembers his arrival shortly after Katrina, so bring order to a chaotic city.? He’s a Louisiana native, and many of us hope he retires back her at home.? He was a guest on my radio show a few months ago.

Tiger Fans in Iraq

They were even cheering LSU’s BIG BCS Bowl victory over in Iraq. It’s nice to see the worldwide attention garnered by Louisiana this week.

Title Game!

Hey, I was in that number Monday night at the Superdome, cheering on the LSU tigers in their resounding victory over Ohio State, and a big BCS Championship win.? You can see several photos below of me with family and friends enjoying every minute of the game.? I’ll have to admit I was a bit tired Tuesday morning on my show after being up most of the night.? If you want to see may more photos of the game and the fans, go to our homepage. And I’m already thinking about next year.

Subject: Re: The fourth marriage (a groaner)


The local news station was interviewing an 80-year-old lady because she had just gotten married — for the fourth time.

The interviewer asked her questions about her life, about what it felt like to be marrying again at 80, and then about her new husband’s occupation.

“He’s a funeral director,” she answered.

“Interesting,” the newsman thought.

He then asked her if she wouldn’t mind telling him a little about her first three husbands and what they did for a living.

She paused for a few moments, needing time to reflect on all those years. After a short time, a smile came to her face and she answered proudly, explaining that she had first married a banker when she was in her early 20’s, then a circus ringmaster when in her 40’s, later on a preacher when in her 60’s, and now in her 80’s, a funeral director.

The interviewer looked at her, quite astonished, and asked why she had married four men with such diverse careers

She smiled and explained, “I married one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, and four to go.”


Chief Riley

Saturday 12-22-2007 5:20pm? CT

An update on the crime situation in New Orleans was the focus of my show recently with Chief of Police Warren Riley.? He articulated his views that New Orleans is making significant progress in deal with the nation’s worst crime problem.? He also took a strong? stand on the issue of tearing down the controversial housing projects, and said crime rates will drop when the projects are demolished.? Chief Riley will join me on my show the third Thursday of each month.

The Innocence Project

Thursday 12-20-2007 5:37am? CT

The Innocence Project in New Orleans has been successful in obtaining the freedom of a number of convicts wrongly convicted.? We talked? recently with Emily Maw who is the Executive Director, and Kathleen Norman, a board member.? They had some chilling stories to tell of people wrongfully convicted with full knowledge of law enforcement officials, including the FBI. DNA has been a great help? to determine the guilt or innocence of many who have been convicted.


Secretary of State Jay Dardene

Wednesday 12-12-2007 3:10pm? CT

I was at the Old State Capitol in Baton Rouge earlier this week for the dedication of a painting showing former Secretary of State Fox McKeithen.? Present Secretary of State Jay Dardene is shown with me at the presentation.? I had the honor of serving as Secretary of State from 1972 until 1980.? It was a pleasant time renewing a number of friendships that went back many years.

Tensions rise over public housing

Posted by NOLA.com December 10, 2007 10:44AM

As tensions rise over the planned demolition of public housing units in New Orleans, some anti-demolition advocates are threatening more direct action. This poster is appearing in the CBD. The units involved are PUBLIC housing and paid for with your tax dollars. It will be interesting to see if officials in New Orleans give in to these outrageous threats.



Baton Rouge Mayor Kip Holden was out in style last week at a luncheon of friends at Galatoire’s Restaurant in Baton Rouge. Can you just imagine the ridicule Mayor Ray Nagin would get if he dressed like this one day and was out in public. A recent poll showed Mayor Holden to have the highest favorable rating of any elected official in the state. He must be doing something right.

It’s a tough, but heartwarming story…with a picture of Sargent John Gebhardt in Iraq.


John Gebhardt’s wife, Mindy, said that this little girl’s entire family was executed. The insurgents intended to execute the little girl also, and shot her in the head…but they failed to kill her. She was cared for in John’s hospital and is healing up, but continues to cry and moan. The nurses said John is the only one who seems to calm her down, so John has spent the last four nights holding her while they both slept in that chair. The girl is c oming along with her healing.

He is a real Star of the war, and represents what America is trying to do.

This, my friends, is worth sharing with the WORLD! Go for it!! You’ll never see things like this in the news. Please keep this going. Nothing will happen if you don’t, but the American public needs to see pictures like this and needs to realize that what we’re doing over there is making a difference. Even if it is just one little girl at a time.

James Gates U. S. Navy

Dave Treen

Friday 11-02-2007 7:21am? CT

Former Louisiana Governor Dave Treen has been a guest on the Jim Brown Show several times in the past year.? Our paths crossed last week at a reception help at the Governor’s Mansion in Baton Rouge.? The Governor is 80, yet says he may run for Congress to replace newly elected Governor Bobby Jindal.? When I’m 80, you will find me at the fishing camp.



Now that we are all but over the Gubernatorial Election, (runoffs on set for November 17th, but with little interest and certainly a low turn out). the focus will turn to the presidential elections only a year away.? Have you made a choice yet?? Need some help?


Take this survey at the website below.? You take a short test of just a minute or two, and your views pick your choice for president. Give it a try and see if your candidate matches up with your political philosophy.



An excellent meal

Friday 10-05-2007 10:59am? CT

With so many new restaurants opening in New Orleans, I try to try? a variety of new spots, especially for lunch, each week.? I have become a weekly regularly at Li’l Dizzy’s, just off the Quarter on Esplanade. President Bush ate here on his most recent trip, and owner Wayne Baquet prepares a sautéed speckled trout with crabmeat that is about as good as you can get.? The ladies at Li’l Dizzy’s know me well, and always have a good story to share.

Take a look at this week’s column commentary. New Orleans District Attorney Eddie Jordan has resigned. And my thoughts are quite simple. Good riddance to one lousy official who has done so much damage to the City of New Orleans and the State of Louisiana. Eddie, you will not be missed.


Monday 10-22-2007 6:24am? CT

Is the end of the world coming in the future…maybe near future?? Some believe this scenario is out laid out in the Book of Revelations.? Dr. Alfred Adams was my guest last week, and the phone lines were jammed with callers who take the predictions of a real crisis at hand quite seriously.? Do you?

Jim and the Big Guy

Friday 10-19-2007 12:45pm? CT

The final days of the Louisiana Gubernatorial election brought a number of statewide candidates by our station on Howard Ave.in New Orleans.? The latest was Sen. Walter Boasso, running for Governor. With runoffs in many races a certainly, I’m sure we will be over run with candidates calling to be on the air.

Jim Bernazzani

Thursday 10-11-2007 8:35am? CT

The FBI has an active presence in New Orleans, post Katrina, and the Louisiana Director, Jim Bernazzani, was on my show this past Wednesday.? We have read and heard a lot about the FBI’s involvement in corruption and street crime throughout the city.? But Bernazzani spent quite a bit of time talking about anti-terrorist protection throughout our area.? ? I plan on having him back on the show at regular intervals.

Tiger football

Monday 10-08-2007 7:49am? CT

LSU football was the talk of the state over the weekend.? We of course had to talk about it, and what a game it was between LSU and last year’s number one team, the Florida Gators.? If you have been completely out of touch, LSU won in the final minutes, to stay number one in the country.? Joining me of Friday’s show to talk about the game was the voice of Baton Rouge morning talk radio, Kevin Meeks. Kevin is with our sister station WJBO and lives and breathes LSU football.? What a weekend.

Thinking about next year’s election … already made up your mind? still deciding? try this fascinating website!

Takes about 1-2 minutes.

Having trouble deciding who to vote for in 2008?
This will compare your answers with ALL candidates.
I found this to be of interest …. It did not select the candidate I had expected!
Of even more interest was which were way down the list – and why..
Click on the website below



I have received numerous comments and compliments about this website, and many viewers are impressed as to how there is so much current information, humor and music. Who is my right hand man and webmaster who keeps the site updated? It’s my nephew, Conway Solomon, pictured below. Conway lives in New Orleans, but was in Baton Rouge recently running a cross country meet for his school, St. Martins. He is a top trackster, and a really good webmaster.


Conway heads towards the finish line representing his school at a Highland Park cross country meet recently.


Below is the emotional and moving photo of a young couple beginning a new life.? The Marine is making the best of putting his tragic past behind.? He was severely injured in Iraq.? We all wish this couple happiness, and our deep thanks to this brave Marine for his commitment to his country.


Ruthie Frierson

Friday 09-21-2007 7:32am CT

Many New Orleans residents in the private sector saw how slowly the recovery effort was moving, many rolled up their sleeves and did what the political leadership should have been doing. One of these community activists is Ruthie Frierson, who formed Citizens for 1 Greater New Orleans, and she was on my show on Thursday of this week. Ruthie and her many supporters lead the fight to consolidate levee boards in Louisiana, reduce assessors, and now is involved in a major effort to curb crime. The city needs a lot more Ruthie Friersons to really make a difference. For more information, you can go to www.citizensfor1greaterneworleans.com.

Sally Forman

Friday 09-21-2007 7:28am CT

If you want the “inside scoop” on how New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin responded following Hurricane Katrina, you get a pretty god picture in Sally Forman’s new book, “Eye of the Storm-Inside City hall during Katrina.” Sally was the communications director for the Mayor up until her husband, Ron, decided to run for Mayor against Nagin. We talked about the strange happenings earlier this week on my show.

Subject: Hold Our Leaders Accountable

Here’s a great way to let your voice be heard.?

We have a major election in Louisiana a little over a month a way.? And all of us are being lobbied by these political wannabes for our support.? Here’s what I hope you will do: when asked for your support, make the candidate sign the 99.5 FM Contract with Louisiana.

The 99.5 FM Contract with Louisiana makes the candidate promise, in writing, to support a number of reform measures.? These are sensible measures, like insurance reform and ethics reform, needed to cleanup and streamline Louisiana.

Simply download the Contract from our web site <http://www.new995fm.com/cc-common/emta/c/0/303763/7132350/1/c.html> . It’s in the convenient PDF format, and it will print as a single page. Then insist that any candidate who wants your support sign the Contract.? If you send us a copy of the signed Contract, we’ll post the candidate’s name on our web site, so everyone can see who is committed to change.?

If you have a moment, be sure to pass the Contract link to your friends and family, and let them help us hold our leaders accountable too.



Al Sharpton

Friday 09-14-2007 7:50am? CT

Rev. Al Sharpton was in my studio this past week.? He does his own syndicated radio show each day, and used the Clear Channel Studios while on a visit to New Orleans.? The Rev. is quite a controversial fellow, but a funny guy to visit with.

Freedom Walk

Monday, September 9th.

A large crowd was in Baton Rouge this past Saturday morning for the 2007 Freedom Walk, commemorating the anniversary of the tragic events that took place on 9/11 back in 20001. Greta Perry from St. Tammany was on my show recently to talk about the national walks that took place this past weekend by 188 groups located in 46 states across the country.? Pictured is my friend Janet Boles who was part of the walk on Saturday.

Karen Herman and Courtwatch NOLA

Sunday 09-09-2007 1:51pm? CT

If you live in New Orleans and are sick and tired of the rampant crime that continues to take place, he is a way you can do something about it.? There is a group called Courtwatch NOLA, that is staffed with volunteers to keep an eye on case in criminal court.? Karen Herman heads up this organization (pictured here with me), and she is looking for help.? She was on my show this week.? You can contact her at www.courtwatchnola.com, or call her at 504 994 2694.

The General

Tuesday 09-04-2007 5:06am

It was almost like John Wayne coming back to New Orleans.? General Russel Honore, former commander of the Joint Military Task Force, was back to visit on the two year anniversary of Katrina.? The General calmly answered many questions about the harrowing days right after the catastrophe, and his efforts to lead the recovery.? We need more leaders like Gen. Honore her to continue this long effort.

Sunday,? August 26th, 2007


Women helping to bring back the Greater New Orleans area was my focus this week.? Community Activist Ann Milling joined me live in studio to talk about the many women who have come from the private sector, and are volunteering their time and efforts to make New Orleans whole again.? Ann formed the vocal group, Women of the Storm, that has lobbied Congress to come and see the Katrina devastation.

Weather Channel Guy and Attorney Russ Herman

Friday 08-24-2007 9:37am? CT

The Weather Channel guy was on the show this week.? And how timely can you get with Hurricane Dean lingering in the Gulf.? Brian Shield is the Chief Information Officer for the Weather Channel, and spent an interesting hour on my show.? You would be amazed at the number of people who tell me they keep the Weather Channel on all day.

New Orleans Attorney Russ Herman was my insurance expert this week, answering many calls as the date to file lawsuits on homeowners issues in Louisiana fast approaches.? Russ was a Tulane Law School classmate of mine, and it was good to visit with and old friend.

Sean Riley

Former State Representative Sean Riley from Baton Rouge was in our 995fm studio this week talking up the Blueprint Louisiana proposal.? The group is urging? legislative candidates to sign a pledge of support for the Blueprint ambitious ;program of reform in state government.

Musical notes

Tuesday 08-07-2007 8:43am CT

I am pictured with members of a working group of band members who meet for a learning session each Tuesday night at the Sounder Cafe in the Marigny on Charters Street. You would be surprised how talented some of these young people are both singing and on their instruments. I’ve been a regular at the Sounder for some time. Give it a try.

Rev Terry

Monday 08-06-2007 10:19am CT

I spent some time last week visiting with Rev. Bill Terry of St. Emma’s Episcopal Church at the Wall of Names, the list all those victims of homicide kin New Orleans since the first of the year. The totals now are at 110 people killed, and the rate per capita leads the nation. As I have said repeatedly on my show, the criminal justice system in New Orleans has become dysfunctional with little progress in sight.

You can hear a lengthy interview of Jim discussing the bleak insurance situation in Louisiana on Sunday, August 4th on Channel 4, WWL, in New Orleans at 10:30am.

And check out this week’s Baton Rouge Business rep0ort.? The Front Page Headline blares out “Citizens Corp. could be the Worst financial disaster in the last 100 years. “? The story analyzes the dismal picture of the state run property insurance company of last resort. And the person quoted in the front page headline is Jim Brown.? You can read the whole troubling story now by going to http://www.businessreport.com/news/2007/jul/31/unnatural-disaster/. The link is also listed in the news article section at the bottom of this homepage.

Rev. Bill Terry

Friday 08-03-2007 10:14am? CT

If you want to see the names of those murdered this year in New Orleans, make a visit to St. Emma’s Episcopal Church on

Esplanade Street

by the French Quarter.? Rev. Bill Terry has a billboard listing all the victims this year.? He was in studio on my show this week, and we covered both the New Orleans crime problem, and the creative outreach programs undertaken by the church.

Harry Lee

Friday 08-03-2007 10:12am? CT

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Harry Lee joined me in the studio this week and we held a lively discussion about the alleged beating of a teenager who was speeding and arrested.? The young man claims he was unduly beaten.? Sheriff Lee says he is reserving judgment until a full investigation takes place, and will not remove the officers from duty.? Some Black Ministers have called for their removal, and have criticized the Sheriff.? But he is standing firm.

Sheriff Lee will be in California all next week at Stanford University to continue treatment for leukemia.? He has been told by his Doctors that his medical problems are in remission, and this should be his last treatment.

Direct Democracy

Tuesday 07-31-2007 9:17am? CT

How responsive to constituents should our legislators be?? That’s a question I explored Monday with Michael Trufant from Baton Rouge.? Michael is? am part of a team that has developed software where registered voters in a district would be able to see each bill in the legislature and vote on it(online, audited, and certified)? ? ? ? Prior to a vote on the floor on any legislative bill, the elected official sees and “locks in” the vote of the people and votes as the people of the district voted.
That process, according to Michael,? is a campaign commitment…to truly represent the people and vote as they voted each and every time. No varying on bills that register more than 100 constituent votes.? “The elected official votes after constituents vote”. Prior to a vote on the floor on any legislative bill, the elected official sees and “locks in” the vote of the people and votes as the people of the district voted.That process is a campaign commitment…to truly represent the people and vote as they voted each and every time. No varying on bills that register more than 100 constituent votes.? “The elected official votes after constituents vote”.
Interesting idea.? I wonder how many legislative candidates would make such a commitment to voters in Louisiana?

FEMA trailers and formaldehyde

Thursday 07-26-2007 8:51am? CT

FEMA trailers and formaldehyde were hot topics on my show this week.? There are major problems with numerous FEMA trailers located in both Louisiana and Mississippi, and the phones rang continually as many callers shared their experiences with health problems linked to formaldehyde that is emitted fro the wood bindings of a number of trailers supplied to Hurricane Katrina and Rita victims by FEMA.

Paul Stewart, from Bay St. Louis, was a guest on my show Wednesday.? He is a former Army Lieutenant who lived in a FEMA trailer, and had some real congestion problems.? Paul testified before a congressional committee last week in Washington, and received nationwide publicity”

“Louisiana FEMA director Jim Stark also joined me in studio, and took many questions about trailer safety, and options for those who want alternative housing.? Jim took a lot of tough questions, but hung in there for a long hour.”

Buddy Roemer

Former Louisiana Gov. Buddy Roemer was a guest on my Friday the 13th show, and he did not hold back in raising questions about the lack of strong leadership in New Orleans.? The Governor also told my listeners that Congressman Bobby Jindal is all but a cinch to be Louisiana’s next governor.? Buddy Roemer is a successful banker living in Baton Rouge.

Did you know this site is now available in eight languages?? Just scroll down to the bottom of this? page and pick the language you want including French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean and Chinese

? *************

Baton Rouge Chamber President

Baton Rouge Chamber President Steven Moret was Jim’s guest this week to talk abut the failure of major ethics reform in the recent session of the Louisiana Legislature. Moret and other members of a new group called LA Ethics 1 coalition had proposed major tougher ethics standards and financial disclosure for legislators, but the reform legislation was defeated in the waning days of the session. Moret plans to push this issue in the coming statewide election.


Former CIA Director James Woolsey

Former CIA Director James Woolsey was a guest on my show recently, and discussed America’s dangerous dependency on foreign oil. He told my listeners that American is in a Middle East war where we are financing both sides. Our purchase of oil from that part of the world is lining the pockets of the terrorists we are fighting. A chilling message about our future.


Sammy Kershaw

Lt. Governor candidate and country singer Sammy Kershaw was my Friday guest on Jim Brown in the Morning. Besides politics, we talked a good bit about country music. I let Sammy know that country music is a way of life if you come from my old home town of Ferriday, Louisiana. Hey, and what a treat to see “the Killer,” Jerry Lee Louis at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival in April. I have known Jerry Lee for years, and he sounds today as good as ever.


Innocence Project

? The Innocence Project of New Orleans was discussed on Wednesday’s show, and my guest was the Chairman of the Board, Kathleen Norman.? Kathleen was actually the foreperson of a jury that convicted and sentenced an innocent man to death.? Later, when confronted with evidence of his innocence that had been in possession of the FBI and withheld form the defense, she became an outspoken advocate for his release.


Sheriffs! and more

Crime control and prevention was the focus of Thursday’s show. I was joined by Sheriff Jack Stephens of St. Bernard Parish, and Sheriff Jiff Hingle of Plaquemines Parish for a lively discussion and numerous callers.

What can seniors do about skyrocketing health insurance, particularly prescription drugs? With me today do discuss this important issue was Linda Jones and Molly Prokop with the Jefferson Council on Aging. This is an extremely import area of concern for more and more of my listeners.

Plaquemines Parish Sheriff Jiff Hingle

Plaquemines Parish Sheriff Jiff Hingle was my guest today during the 190:00, and we discussed crime issues in general, and the overall recovery of Plaquemines Parish.? The sheriff was, as always a good and? lively guest, but I may be a bit prejudiced since he is my brother-in-law.




Jim Brandt

Public Affairs Research Council Director Jim Brandt was in studio with me this week talking about a number of issues before the Louisiana legislature at the present time.? PAR releases regular studies on important public policy. You can access all the PAR reports on their website at http://www.la-PAR.org? 3632_1179929366.jpg

Jimmy Fitzmorris


Former Lt. Governor Jimmy Fitzmorris spent the 10:00 hour with me on Tuesday, and we reminisced abbot his long political career.? Fitz was President of the Louisiana Senate when I was first elected State Senator back in 1972.? The phone calls were numerous, with some callers asking Fitz to run for Governor this year.? At a young 83 years of age, he said he has other priorities, specifically his grandchildren.

? 3632_1179331426.jpg

Dennis Miller

Comedian and talk show host Dennis Miller brought his sarcastic wit to my show this morning. He could not have been funnier.



Tom Laird was a guest during the 9:00 hour on Tuesday of this week, and talked at length about his combined experiences of New Orleans and his lengthy trips to Tibet.

Tom’s new book on Tibet is in book stores all over New Orleans.



Increasing crime rates and what to do about it was the focus of my show on Tuesday of this week.? Orleans Parish Sheriff Marlin Gussman joined me along with New Orleans City Council President Oliver Thomas to discuss a new “NO Crime” program? to update crime locations by map on the web.


Tulane Journalism Professor Paul Greenberg was with me on the show on Wednesday, and we covered the gamut of subjects, including Recovery Czar Blakely’s comparison to Don Imus, the New Orleans job market, and the miserable insurance climate in the Greater New Orleans area.


Gubernatorial candidate John Georges was a a guest on my show Monday.? He has $5.5 million in the bank and says he will announce for Governor in Mid June.? John feels the time is right for a businessman to run with new ideas.


The New Orleans Levee is a satirical publication at newsstands all over the New Orleans area.? Publisher Rudy Vorkapic came by this morning to share some humorous commentary.



Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney surprised the political pundits last week when he outpace the Republican presidential field in money raising, putting together $23 million. His Louisiana campaign manager, New Orleans businessman Scott Sewell, was by the station this week to hype the Romney campaign.


World class marathoner Bill Rogers was a guest on my show today. As an old “has been” athlete, I have followed Bill’s career for many years. He won the Boston Marathon four times, and still is running hard at 59. All of us should get out, particularly during this time of year with great weather, and exercise more.


It looks like the courts are finally putting the squeeze on a number of insurance companies who have failed to meet their contracts. Insurance companies are facing legal challenges over whether wind coverage operates in tandem with flood coverage. And there could be as much as 14 billion dollars at stake. On my show this week were Belle Chase lawyers Charles Balley and Andrian Colon, who represent a number of homeowners on this important issue. There are pictured with me here.


The New Orleans Museum of Art is having a world class exhibit from a cross section of French museums on paintings of women by world class French artists. Museum Director John Bullard was a guest on my show last Friday to talk abut this really outstanding event. John used to appear on y Cox TV show, an has done a marvelous job of making the Museum one of the finest in the country. This exhibit is a must see for you and your family.




I spent an enlightening hour with Jefferson Parish Sheriff Harry Lee who was a guest on my show last week. The Sheriff and I have been friends for over 35 years when we served in the Louisiana National Guard together. People have different views on the Sheriff. But you cannot argue with his results. Crime continues to drop in Jefferson. Harry will be a regular guest on Jim Brown in the Morning.

Welcome to my new website. I hope you will enjoy taking the time to look over a number of new features that we have put up for your enjoyment, your entertainment, and perhaps even some knowledge that you will not find anywhere else. I’m glad to have all of our previous viewers, and welcome to all of those of you throughout the country and all over the world, who regularly check in here JimBrownLA.com.

Some 700,000 hits have come to this site in the past two years alone, and our numbers are growing by the day. Hopefully, our newly designed website will offer you even more opportunities to be a regular, interactive viewer, and I look forward to adding more material of interest in the weeks to come.

20061007 jim at the MicrophoneJim in the studio ready to begin his daily show.

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