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Listenin’ my way back through the 60s

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As many of you know, I’m a product of the 60s. My time in college, studying abroad in England, and finishing law school. The time in my life that formed my values, my persuasions, and my future goals. When I listen to the oldies today, the music generally comes from the 60s. This was a time when it was the norm to drive an American car, fly the American flag on your front porch all year long, and either serve in the military or do extensive volunteer service. Boy how our values have changed. If you want to stroll back with me with your own memories, go to the 60s site and CLICK HERE.


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  1. Charlie Hoge

    I love it! Thanks for putting this on your site. It reminds me of how much we have lost and how quietly things have slipped in on us and have become “accepted” by default. Have a Blessed Day!

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