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What a Dream I had Last Night!

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You just will not believe the dream I had last night.  It was the strangest thing you can imagine.  Now those of you who have followed my years of public service know full well that I’m a quiet, non— controversial kind of guy.  But in my dream last night, I was right in the center of this massive national controversy.  Now here’s what happened.  Oh well, it might be better for you to take a look yourself.  Check out the video below show you too can find out about the nightmare I experienced last night.

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  1. David Abramson

    Jim, Political propaganda preaches to the choir and seldom changes prejudice, but this will add force to those of us that who know the country must go in a new direction. Shame on you for not getting out of bed!

    This is hilarious and very important.

    Best regards,

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