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Campbell on those who call Sarah Palin a Diva.

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Campbell Brown “cuts through the bull” and raises questions about how McCain insiders are calling Sarah Palin a Diva.  Check her comments below.

2 Responses
  1. Hardy Parkerson

    Hey, I like Divae! She’s
    got my vote. After all, a
    society in which women are taught anything but the production and management of
    a family, the care and custody of their men and the creation of the future generation is a society which is on the way out. Power to Sarah! May she be our president soon!


    Hardy Parkerson

  2. Joe Reynolds

    That Brown woman has the inherited gift to gab.
    I thought “Diva” was a compliment.
    Economy- Started it’s decline when the the “brains” lowered the interest rate. That meant that our money cost less and is therefore worth less. Without a Gold standard the only way to devalue the dollar is to lower the interest rate. What a shame there is not a check balance to stop this.
    Obama will probably make it worse as Clinton did, and who knows the Middle East may just stop terrorism and buy the United States using their inside guy.(Obama)

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