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Good Times Personally and Bad Financial Times

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welcome-comrades.jpgHow can you make any sense out of this present financial crisis? Exactly how did we get into this mess? I gave it my best shot in this week’s column. And it’s just not a problem in New York or Washington, DC. For those of us who live in Louisiana, those representing us here are just as responsible. You can read my analysis in my latest column now posted by Clicking Here. There is as lot more commentary about the Wall Street mess further below

The weekends have really become busy for me. Last Saturday, my niece got married, and it would be hard to find a prettier bride. You can see me below beaming over niece Amelia, who married former LSU football star Jack Hunt.


And I’m off this weekend the St. Louis for, can you believe, my 50th year class reunion I’ve enjoyed staying in touch with a number of old classmates. If you’re interested, you can read about the gathering of Ladue High School‘s class of 1958 by Clicking Here.

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