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AIG Rip Offs Hit Louisiana Policyholders

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Are you happy that you as a taxpayer have plowed some $120 million into the AIG insurance company?  Yet insurance regulators over the country seem to be quite blasé about the shenanigans of AIG.  And you may not realize what a big presence this giant company has right here in Louisiana.  You can read all about how Louisiana policyholders are really taking a hit because of the outrageous actions of this company.  You can read Jim’s new column by Clicking Here.

And you won’t believe how AIG officials live so extravagantly.  Check out their $85,000 partridge hunting by Clicking Here.

There been several major national stories on Jim’s daughter Campbell, who is making quite an impact each night on CNN.  You can read the New York Times story by Clicking Here, and the Washington Post story by Clicking Here.


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