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La. Senator Duplessis Still out of Touch.

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Louisiana State Sen. Ann Duplessis, from New Orleans, said the legislative pay raise issue was skewed by those who do not believe elected officials are credible. She was the author of the proposed legislation that had voters rise up in arms.

As an example, she pointed to the photo of her Mercedes that popped up on the Internet before the governor vetoed the pay raise. Duplessis, D-New Orleans, said the car is part of her compensation package as a banker. Hey, some job….How many people do you know that are given a Mercedes as part of their job benefits? So she gets a 500SL and is a FULL TIME employee of a bank, but she still needs and takes the lead to get a 200% pay raise. Any wonder she made so many voters angry?zzzzzzzz198l-1.jpg

5 Responses
  1. Hardy Parkerson, Lake Charles

    I wonder how she got that license plate number “2”. I thought that was the “property” of the Lt. Governor. Many years ago I had a friend who had the Number “LA 4”, or just the Louisiana license plate numbered “4”. As I recall it, he was the Secretary of State. I can’t recall who had LA 3. Perhaps the Attorney General.

  2. Dr. Molly House

    The license plate can read anything the office holder wants it to read.

    There is no allocated plate for any office holder.

  3. Patrick

    Come on! Just because Duplessis makes a decent salary as a banker this means she should donate 3 months out of each year (and most years much more) for peanuts? You have got to be kidding. So, why haven’t all of you donated your time to public service. There’s plenty to be done, even by idiots. The Capitol steps need sweeping, for example. If Legislators are supposed to work for nothing, then you can too.

  4. Glen

    Reply to Patrick:
    1. La. legislators are compensated at approximately the national average for the amount of time they meet. Why should they be paid more than counterparts in other states?
    2. Tousands of La. citizens perform various types of community services for free.
    3. Beyond free $50 meals from lobbists many legislators make contacts and acquire prestige which payoff in their day jobs.

  5. Glen

    Oh, and
    4. If she doesn’t want to make that much of a donation, she is free to resign.
    5. What is peanuts to you is about half of what the average citizen of this state makes in a year.

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