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The Mick and Me in New York

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If you are a sports fan and you ever go to New York City, a must stop is Mickey Mantle’s restaurant located right on Central Park South. I’ve been a Yankees fan all my life, and made a number of pilgrimages to the Bronx so I can see “The Mick” in action back in the 1960s. All I know its hip to hate the Yankees. But there is just something special about the Yankee tradition that has had me follow this world-class baseball team for many years. Maybe it’s because we don’t have a major league baseball team here in the deep South. But whatever their highs or lows, I will always be a Yankees fan.



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    I actually met Mickey Mantle once at a medical meeting. He had long been retired and was just shaking hands. Very nice man. I was a Yankee fan as a kid. Always liked Yogi Berra

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