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Jindal, McCain, Go Tigers, and who’s on Jay Leno?

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The British Prime Minister does it. And Sen. John McCain says he will do it if he is elected President. So how about La. Governor Bobby Jindal? Look at my column this week now up. (Hit here.) I say Jindal should weekly “go to the well” of the state House of Representatives and answer questions from our legislators. What do you think?

Are you for the legislative pay raise in Louisiana? A new poll is up to let you express your opinion. And check out the lack of any discussion about the proposed raise on the video below. Be sure and check out the highlights of LSU’s big baseball victory this past Monday that will send them to the college world series. And how about one of your kids being on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno? You can see one of mine on this week’s video. And my latest jukebox song? Hey, I’m a product of the 70s and no one accentuates these years more than Barry White. Read over, take a look, listen, and enjoy.

And by the way, if Bobby Jindal ends up as the Vice Prez choice of McCain, he will have a chance to ride the Straight Talk Express. Well I beat him to it. That’s me below “hangin out’ by the bus during a recent McCain visit to Baton Rouge.



2 Responses
  1. Hardy Parkerson

    Congratuations on meeting with McCain, and Governor Jindal! Where the action is, Jim Brown will always be there. Keep up the good work!
    Sincerely, Hardy Parkerson – Lake Charles


    Jindal should veto the raise and suggest that it be put on the ballet for the people to vote on.
    Vote a raise YES or NO
    Vote a Cost of living raise
    YES or NO
    What happened to all this serve the people stuff the legislators are suppose to be doing. Looks like they are serving themselves.
    Are there any other jobs that people can get and then raise their own salaries?

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