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Jesse and Me (No eunuch comments please!)

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Oh, that’s right. I have met Jesse Jackson several times through the years, and talked about a number of issues with him. Now we don’t hang out together, but I do have a theory about the guy. He’s dumb like a fox. And he ain’t stupid. I just wonder about all this talk of making Barrack Obama a eunuch. When he made his comments abut defrocking the Democratic Party nominee, he was in a TV studio. Look, I’ve been in many such studios and anyone and everyone knows the mikes stay “hot” even when the camera is not rolling. Jesse had to know that his comments were being recorded. So maybe, just maybe, it wasn’t that dumb of a thing to say after all. It did nothing to lessen support among black voters for Obama. And many white voters saw all this controversy in a sympathetic light for him.

Jackson was critical over Obama’s comments about more responsibilities of fathers in the black community. Most whites agree. So here’s the question”¦.was ole Jesse actually helping Barrack? I guess we will never know for sure.


So the eunuch comments might have helped Obama, but The New Yorker cover made the candidate really mad. The magazine seems to have winkled out an essential truth about Barack Obama ““ he doesn’t do satire. I’ve been a subscriber for years, and that’s what the magazine does so well. Make fun of any and every one. It shows the presidential candidate dressed in a turban, fist- bumping his wife, Michelle, in an afro, with an AK47 over her shoulder. An American flag goes up in flames in their fireplace, while a portrait of Osama bin Laden hangs above the mantelpiece.

Hilarious to the sophisticated readers of The New Yorker, it was infuriating for Mr. Obama, whose campaign is waging a daily battle against a viral internet campaign of rumors, lies and innuendo against him ““ a problem neatly summed up by the cartoon. The Obama campaign was not happy, and began immediately denouncing the cartoon as “tasteless and offensive.” But by protesting so much, Obama’s supporters just caused more publicity and a huge run on copies of the latest edition of the magazine. I’m glad my copy came in the mail.

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