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Bobby Jindal’s future

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Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has wasted no time, once the presidential election was over last week, traveling the country, giving numerous national TV interviews, and making no bones about the fact that he plans on being a major player in Republican politics on the national scene. His Achilles’ heel may possibly be not addressing numerous growing problems he will face in Louisiana. The state faces a $1 billion shortfall in the coming year, and there is a litany of problems including a restructuring of the health system, a crumbling infrastructure, and insurance rates across the board that are the highest in the country.  Jindal is certainly a talented fellow, but he is juggling a lot of balls right now, and needs to protect his turf at home in Louisiana. I wrote about this balancing of interests in last week’s column that you can read by Clicking Here. If there’s any doubt about Jindal’s national ambitions, just take a look at the following video.

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3 Responses
  1. Hardy Parkerson

    If McCain and the Republicans had chosen Jindal as the V.P. Running Mate of McCain, Obama would have lost. I did my best to persuade McCain to choose Jindal, but all of my efforts pretty much fell on deaf ears. McCain could not have lost with Jindal on the Republican Ticket as the V.P. Running Mate. ITA VITA! C’EST LA VIE!

  2. Hardy Parkerson

    Wow! After having watched and listened to the Jindal YouTube presentation, I responded with a “Wow!” Power to him! s/Hardy Parkerson – Lake Charles

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