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A Busy Week in New York City

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New York was my last stop on this lengthy road trip that took me into North Carolina, Connecticut, Massachusetts and then on into to the Big Apple. And I certainly had a full agenda. A nephew’s graduation, a long visit with a daughter and a new grandson, a little business, a lengthy lunch with my old friend Kevin Salter who practices law in New York, and I even had Senator John McCain staying at my hotel, the Hilton, right off Central Park. Below, I’m passing the time of day with Sesame Street character Elmo, who just happened to be walking around Manhattan on the cool Saturday afternoon.


There certainly is something special about taking in the latest Broadway hits. “Jersey Boys” continues to be the hottest ticket in town, and a large family gathering headed towards the August Wilson Theater on 52nd St for the Friday night performance. Below I’m all smiles taking in the lights of Broadway after thoroughly enjoying Frankie Valli’s great hits. You can listen to my favorite, “You’re Just to Good to Be True,” on my jukebox on the left side of the page.


Ever try to get a cab in New York during rush hour? I may be a big shot in my hometown of Ferriday, and even get an occasional recognition in Baton Rouge. But New York cabdrivers couldn’t care less, as I spent some 30 minutes trying to get a cab to head downtown


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  1. Angelique

    My favorite city in the world! No place like NYC…looks like you had a great trip…stay in touch!

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