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A Ferriday visit, and Auto Bailouts

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It was back to my old hometown of Ferriday this week will try was the guest speaker at the Ferriday Chamber of Commerce. A good chance to talk abut my new book and visit my old stomping grounds and renew friendships with a number of friends that go back to the mid-1960s. Actually, under some new political leadership, this part of the state seems to be growing, has cleaned itself up, and has a brighter future than just a few years ago.  Pictured below with me are (from left) old friend Leo Young, Delta Music Museum Director Judith Booth, State Representative Andy Anders, and Ferriday Mayor Glen McGlothlin. (To read news coverage of my talk, Click Here.)


               Photo by Joey Martin with Concordia Sentinel

Take a look at this week’s column now posted. What about all this bail out talk in Washington? How much effect does it have right here in Louisiana? Will quite a bit, I point out in the column. Did you know that some 20,000 jobs are in our state will be directly affected if the Big Three auto producers go out of business? You can read this week’s column by Clicking Here.


 And after you read the column, take a look at the video below. It’s a great parody of how our Washington bureaucrats come up with all their crazy numbers.  Will go actually made many years ago, or I think you agree to meet is right on the money will how many of our officials will come up with their projected dollar amounts. Will hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Hardy Parkerson

    Within the next four years, we may all be
    glad to have George W. Bush back on the
    job as president in the Black House. So
    save your white paint.


    Hardy Parkerson – Lake Charles

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