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Jindal and Palin in JB’s Recent Column

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Bobby Jindal for President? The Louisiana Governor? Wait. You mean Vice Prez don’t you, and that didn’t happen, right? Well some, can you believe, are already talking about Jindal for the top spot in 2012, with or without Sarah Palin. Jim’s NEW column is now up, and he takes a look at the present campaign, and takes a peek at four years from now. You can read it all now by Clicking Here. zzzzzzz173y.jpgimages.jpg

And be sure and check out Arron Tippin’s brand new song, just released this week, about how it’s time to drill for oil in the U.S. Titled (appropriately) “Drill Here, Drill Now,” you can play it on the juke box. And what kind of kisser are you. Take a look below.

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