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What Fun! Kids Find out when they will Die!

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Isn’t this adorable? The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (or the other ABC) put this site up for the kiddies. Take a look at: image010.gif


ABC managing director Mark Scott said the site was not designed to offend certain quarters of the community but to engage children in environmental issues.

How do they “engage” the children? By telling them when they should die. Why should they die? Because they’re using too many resources of course!

Do it yourself and discover a perfect window into true environmentalism. Try putting in reasonable “green” sacrifices. I’ll bet you barely make it into your teens before you “should” die. In fact–to hit the levels they say are acceptable, you need to emit approximately the same amount as the average person in Malawi. To refresh your memory about Malawi, people leave it to live with Madonna. That’s how crappy life is there



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