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The Loss of a Real American Hero

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When it comes to real American heroes, they don’t come more authentic than Captain Jack Lucas.  He was on my radio show last year when he was visiting New Orleans, and what a pleasure to have him on my show. He was the youngest soldier to ever receive the Medal of Honor at 17.  You can see us visiting in the photo below. That’s Captain Jack on the left in the suspenders.                                  3632_1163787621.jpg

Why was he awarded the Medal of Honor? In 1945, he was fighting Japanese soldiers in a foxhole on Iwo Jima when he dove on top of two grenades to save three fellow Marines.  Somehow he survived, but underwent 20 operations and continued to live with more than 200 metal fragments all over his body.  He went on to live a full life and died at 80.  A true hero that I had the great honor to spend a little time with on the radio.

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