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The “Anti-Pay Raise Rally” WILL BE HELD JULY 7 at the STATE CAPITOL from 2 to 4 p.m. For more information, contact steve@bayoubuzz.com to help or to attend. Rally is being sponsored by Citizen Can and was idea initiated by Bayoubuzz Publisher, Stephen Sabludowsky.



“The easiest thing for me would be veto it,” Jindal said to cheers as he discussed the pay raise bill in Shreveport on Tuesday. “I would be the most popular governor in the state’s history.” He was heckled by one man when he added, “I don’t want to give legislators or anybody else an excuse to slow down the reforms that are so important for our state.” You promised to veto!” the heckler said.” id. See this two video clips of the protest:

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It is obvious this issue is not going away. I’ve been around the state capitol for over 30 years dealing with issues like Right to Work. But I’ve never witnessed such animosity. And you can get a good sense of what voters are thinking in other parts of the state by checking out my good friend, Grey Aymond’s website by Clicking Here.

And the news articles against the payraise continue to flow:

Jindal’s Reform Policy is going Backwords

Protesters greet Jindal at Stelly tax signing

Citizens Consumed by Payraise Flap

Jindal’s Choice: Back Voters or Legislators

3 Responses
  1. Hardy Parkerson - Lake Charles

    Hey, if we you have non-elected parish officials making upwards of $225,000.00, a year, if not more, then what’s wrong with a state elected legislator’s–especially a Senator’s–making Sixty-Thousand! Nothing! Jindal is right! The legislators were entitled to a raise. If people do not like for a legislator to vote for a raise for himself, then they should amend the state constitution to so provide. Jindal is right! He should not veto a good law that the legislature in its wisdom has passed over-whelmingly.


    Hardy Parkerson, Chm.
    Ronald Reagan Democratic Caucus for Jindal for Vice-President
    “McCain can’t lose with Jindal, and he can’t win without him!”

  2. recalllopinto@yahoo.com

    Recall those who voted for the payraide, Recall those who voted agaisnt the raise but took it anyway. Recall those who are donating their raise to charity. Your money is giving them a big fat tax deduction.

    The revolution has begun!!

  3. Richard Parisi

    Jindal specifically made a campaign promise to oppose pay raises for the legislature. Now he absolutely has to either follow through on that promise or else explain honestly why he has changed his thinking. If he has a good reason for deciding to support the measure, e.g. he now thinks that the legislators haven’t been getting the salary that they ought to be getting for the work that they do, then fine. Let’s hear it. However, his stated refusal to veto, as if he now fears the legislature, is the worst kind of response imaginable. Even though he’s not standing up to the legislature, it’s doubtful that he’ll get or deserve anyone’s respect. And to think how he’s so portrayed himself as the genius, the savior, riding in from on high to save the rest of us. What a phony!

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