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September 18, 2013
Thursday, September 19th, 2013 Baton Rouge, Louisiana  TWO CHEERS FOR THE FRENCH- ESPECIALLY IN LOUISIANA!  As President Obama is bluntly finding out, it can be lonely out on a limb when the rest of the world fails to respond to a call for help.  Despite the yeoman efforts of his administration, only a few other...
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Now that America’s once staunchest ally, Great Britain, has turned its back on giving its support to the U.S. direct intervention into Syria, is any county willing to stand toe to toe with America?  Not the Mexicans the Germans or even, pray tell, the Canadians?  Isn’t there any one who will come to the battle...
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Here comes the weekend, and we have a full agenda scheduled coving many of the key topics in the news worldwide. We will begin by talking about my recent hip replacement,  undertaken by Dr. Bryan Griffith.  What caused the necessity for such surgery and just how complicated is it?  You can find out more of...
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I’ll admit that I have always wanted to be a magician.  I understand that illusion can be created with mirrors, boxes with false bottoms, and light.  But I also like the lighter trick that all of us can do..  I came across this short clip of some basic, but fun magic.  And if you are...
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