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Now that America’s once staunchest ally, Great Britain, has turned its back on giving its support to the U.S. direct intervention into Syria, is any county willing to stand toe to toe with America?  Not the Mexicans the Germans or even, pray tell, the Canadians?  Isn’t there any one who will come to the battle call?  Yes.  The French.  What?  That cowardly country that would not join us in our noble efforts to bring freedom to in Iraq, Afghanistan or even way back in Viet Nam?  That’s right.  The French are about the only major country to give strong support to the U.S.  And good for them.  I always felt the French have got ton a bad rap for some of their past reluctance to stand with us.  And I wrote about it in this week’ column now posted.  You can read it now by hitting the Red Flashing Box above, or by Clicking Here.

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