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July 16, 2013
Well the Zimmerman verdict came in, he was found not guilty, and the case is now over ““ right? Hardly! This whole terrible storm of controversy that has cast deep divisions all over America still has a ways to go.  Will the Justice Department change Zimmerman with a hate crime under federal law?  If they...
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Thursday, 18th, 2013 Baton Rouge, Louisiana  PROSECUTORS NEED TO GET OVER ZIMMERMAN VERDICT! George Zimmerman was found not guilty this past weekend in his trial for shooting Travon Martin. But his problems are far from over.  You have to wonder whether there isn’t a perverted, almost paranoid sense of trying to “get” Zimmerman at any...
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On some weekends, the news is slow, and I have to dig for issues to discuss. Not this weekend. The aftermath of the George Zimmerman trial will be front and center, as the Justice Department considers bringing charges of a hate crime. What’s a hate crime, and should there even be such crimes based on...
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Some of you may know that I was a runner many years ago. Back in the 60s, I had the great honor of representing America on the United States track team. In that capacity, I had a chance run against athletes all over the world, traveling worldwide of the US team.  In later years, I...
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We had the sweetheart of Cajun music come to Baton Rouge this past weekend to entertain at the Red Dragon Listing Room.  This is a small music gem located in the downtown area, which brings in southern music acts each weekend.  Yvette Landry, from the small south Louisiana town of Breaux Bridge, really lights up...
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