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The Inspiration of a Father and Son!

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Some of you may know that I was a runner many years ago. Back in the 60s, I had the great honor of representing America on the United States track team. In that capacity, I had a chance run against athletes all over the world, traveling worldwide of the US team.  In later years, I took up the triathlon. Not the Iron Man that would take someone like me six or seven hours. Smaller triathlons throughout Louisiana and the south were my foray.    But I always wanted to go to Hawaii and do the real and complete Ion Man Triathlon.   Below is one of the most aspirational videos you will ever see. What a father was able to do for his son. Just an unbelievable experience, showing dedication and love between father and son. It’s a little long, about six minutes, but worth your time to view.   Take a look below.

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