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On some weekends, the news is slow, and I have to dig for issues to discuss. Not this weekend. The aftermath of the George Zimmerman trial will be front and center, as the Justice Department considers bringing charges of a hate crime. What’s a hate crime, and should there even be such crimes based on thoughts? Get ready. Here come the thought police.


We will also be joined by Conrad Black, a high-profile mega ““ media mogul and biographer from Canada, who spent 3 1/2 years the US federal prison. He a new book out called Flight of the Eagle that debunks America’s status as a future superpower, saying the U.S. has been lucky so far. Is he right? You can read more about Black and his book by Clicking Here.


And historian Jamie Malanowski will join us to review once again some of the terrible event from the Civil War. He has the outlandish idea the American army bases should not bear the names of any Confederate generals. Do you agree? I’ll do my best to defend ole’ Robert E. Lee and other generals who have been memorialized all over America. You can read more about his book by Clicking Here. See you on the radio.

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