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April 27, 2011
Most states throughout the country, like all gulf coast states down here were I live, have problems of both insurance affordability and availability.  But there is a big  difference between the other states and the Bayou state.  Other states are  giving the problem serious attention.  It’s a front and center concern for the governors, the...
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Thursday, April 28, 2011 Baton Rouge, Louisiana LOUISIANA AND FLORIDA– NIGHT AND DAY ON PROPERTY INSURANCE! All this week, Florida’s largest newspaper, the Miami Herald, has been writing both feature articles and editorials about the problems facing Florida property owners in finding affordable insurance.  Day after day, headlines conveyed the intensity of the struggle – ...
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This week’s “Common sense” radio program will cover a list of topics that should generate a lively discussion.  How about the fact that both parties in Washington are being hypocritical when it comes to getting a handle on the deficit.  And raising the debt ceiling.  When a republican president s in office, republican congressmen are...
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My friend Andy Borowitz has made a startling discovery. In a stunning announcement that took even political insiders by surprise, Andy has revealed that President Barack Obama ran for President of Kenya in 2005 but was disqualified when a birth certificate surfaced showing he was born in the United States. Andy was able to flush...
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We all like to hear really great versions of the star Spangled banner, and from time to time, a really great rendition is heard at a public event.  Here’s one of my favorites by the Cactus Cuties.  They have gone on to perform any number of songs, but this was one of their first.  Take...
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