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Education, religion and skin cancer, all on the radio this weekend!

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This week’s “Common sense” radio program will cover a list of topics that should generate a lively discussion.  How about the fact that both parties in Washington are being hypocritical when it comes to getting a handle on the deficit.  And raising the debt ceiling.  When a republican president s in office, republican congressmen are all for it, but against it if there is a democrat in charge.  And visa versa.  And how about the NFL lock out?  If it continues and the courts rule for complete free agency like the player’s association wants, could it mean the end to smaller football markets like green Bay and New Orleans?

Educational reform (or the lack there of) will be a topic with Dr. Jeffrey Jones, who will talk about his new book, “Officially Pathetic.”Â  You can read about Dr. Jones and his book by Clicking Here.

And I will also be joined by Professor David Sehat, a history professor at Georgia State University, and author of “The Myth of American religious freedom.”Â  Just what did our founders mean when it came to religious freedom, and were they all that religious?  Dr. Sehat’s book is listed by Clicking here.

Finally, we will talk to Dr. Scott Jackson, a dermatologist in Baton Rouge, about the prevalence of skin cancer, and what you need to do as summer heats up.  So a busy weekend, and we hope you will be listening to Jim Brown’s “Common sense on your local station, right here on the web live or by pod cast.  See you on the radio.

Dr. Scott Jackson

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