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More and More Insurance Problems!

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Most states throughout the country, like all gulf coast states down here were I live, have problems of both insurance affordability and availability.  But there is a big  difference between the other states and the Bayou state.  Other states are  giving the problem serious attention.  It’s a front and center concern for the governors, the legislature, insurance regulators, and the news media.   In Louisiana where I live, there is hardly a whisper.  Why?  when we are talking about Louisiana policyholders spending some 3 billion dollars more than they should be?  Take a look at my new column now posted to see what should be done.  You can read it now by Clicking Here, or by going to the flashing red box at the top of this page.

As a side note, boy do  I have a big weekend planned.  I’ll be in that number to see the Hornets play the Lakers in the playoffs, then stay in New Orleans for the Zurich Open Golf classic.  And finally, JazzFest, the biggest outdoor music festival in the world.  I top this off with my radio show, so come on down if you want to join me for one heck of a weekend.

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