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August 20, 2023
              Former President Donald Trump continues to be outlandish in his attacks on his opponents, and his brash style of campaigning for a second term. He viewed by many observers as one of a kind, with a style that is unique. But Is he one of a kind? Is...
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Monday, August 21st, 2023 Baton Rouge, Louisiana WHO DOES DONALD TRUMP SOUND LIKE? When the big issues are at stake, it seems like there’s always a Louisiana connection. The Louisiana Purchase, the Battle of New Orleans, the first shot of the Civil War was fired by a Louisiana Brigade.  So how does all this relate...
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It was just a few weeks ago when country music star, Jason Aldean’s new song, “Try That in a Small Town,” stirred up a great deal of interest, and was quite controversial. Now we have a new challenger for the top spot. Oliver Anthony has a song called “Rich Men north of Richmond” that threw...
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