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October 19, 2016
October 20th, 2016 Baton Rouge, Louisiana  WHY YOUNG VOTERS ARE DISENGAGED FROM POLITICS! Do young voters really care about who runs their local, state and federal government?  Whatever buzz inspired younger voters to support Barack Obama has been severely diminished by the gridlock in Washington.  Voters under thirty (and the rest of us, for that...
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National polls indicate a lack of interest on the part of younger voters in the coming presidential election. The youth of our county just, for some reason, jus does not seem to be plugged into to politics today. What are the reasons, and can politicians find a way to get these leaders of the future...
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Weekend Radio is shaping up as a jam-packed and lively program. Can Donald Trump throw a “Hail Mary” and still pull out the election? And we will talk with author Dick Sim about his new book, “Freedom to Argue-We the People Versus They the Government.” Look at my nose clip protest below. We will talk...
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Well, I had to do something over my lousy choices for president. So I got me an official voter’s nose clip to hold my nose when I vote. It’s a modified clothespin engineered to comfortably seal one’s nostrils against the “toxic fumes” radiating from the presidential candidates. Americans today are suffering from “Voter Distress Syndrome,”...
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