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September 16, 2015
  September 17th, 2015 Baton Rouge, Louisiana LITTLE INTEREST IN COMING LOUISIANA ELECTION! According to national political pundits, there is a revolution going on all over America. Voters are in a rebellion mode with little confidence in the political leadership at both the national and state levels. Being an incumbent politician is no longer a...
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Voters all over America are telling elected officials that they want to “throw the bums out.” A poll released this week news finds that “72% of Americans believe that politicians cannot be trusted and two thirds think the countries’ political system is dysfunctional. But apparently, not so in Louisiana. Almost 50% of all elected officials...
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Business leaders from all over the state of New York we’ll gather this week in New York City to attend the Business Council of New York State’s annual conference. Speaking to the state’s leading business organization will be daughter Campbell, who as most readers know is the former news anchor at both CNN and NBC...
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Wow, what a full agenda coming up this weekend on the “Common Sense” radio program. We will review the past week with so much news. The Donald Show, the Republican presidential debate, Refugees flooding into Europe and much more. And did you know that innocuous liquid hand sanitizer used in many schools tastes good, like...
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