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Wow, what a full agenda coming up this weekend on the “Common Sense” radio program. We will review the past week with so much news. The Donald Show, the Republican presidential debate, Refugees flooding into Europe and much more.

And did you know that innocuous liquid hand sanitizer used in many schools tastes good, like strawberry. It also contains enough alcohol to make a child dangerously drunk. Dr. Rachel Docekal, who deals with addiction treatments, will explain the dangers of hand sanitizer. Her website is www.originsrecovery.com.

Then how do you find a good lawyer who is reasonably priced? We will ask attorney Jasen McDaniel, who is executive director of a major law firm. See www.jdsalaw.com.


Finally, Professor Emilio Iodice has spent more than three decades as a senior executive in the public and private sectors. He is a prolific author on public affairs and we will talk with him about what we should look for in our next president. He is the author of a new book “Future Shock 2.0, The Dragon Brief 2020.” You can read about it by Clicking Here. So tune in for a lively show.

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