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November 25, 2014
Wednesday, November 26th, 2014 New York City, N.Y.  YOU OUTSIDERS, QUIT TELLING US WHAT’S BEST FOR LOUISIANA! The political termites are swarming into Louisiana. They are coming from everywhere; north and south-east and west. All with one purpose in mind. The want to tell us who we should vote for as the state’s next U.S....
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What is it with these politicians bringing in outside officials to tell us how to vote? Then the problem gets compounded with the flooding of the airwaves paid for by out of state special interest money. Can’t voters in all states make up their own minds without this outside influence? I guess candidates think voters...
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Our Thanksgiving Weekend program is all lined up with a busy schedule of guests and topics. We will be live from New York City where the snow is supposed to come down in droves. So a good time to get into the holiday spirit. Did you shop on Black Thursday? No, not Friday, but Thursday?  ...
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You probably have seen the football “catch of the century” by former LSU star receiver Odell Beckham, J., now playing for the New York Giants. Those of us who followed Odell during his years playing here in Baton Rouge have seen a number of acrobatic catches. But nothing like he pulled off Sunday against the...
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