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Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

New York City, N.Y.



The political termites are swarming into Louisiana. They are coming from everywhere; north and south-east and west. All with one purpose in mind. The want to tell us who we should vote for as the state’s next U.S. Senator. I don’t know about you, but I get sick and tired of all these out of stators who must think we are too dumb down here in Bayou country to make up our own minds.

Republican challenger Bill Cassidy can’t seem to make it through his day without announcing some new out of state surrogate who will fly into Louisiana and tell us political retards just how we should vote. Kentucky senator Rand Paul charged in last week to tell a Cassidy campaign rally that Louisiana would sink into the Gulf of Mexico if voters don’t elect Cassidy on December 6th. Now I happen to like Paul’s libertarian views on the erosion of Americana freedoms, but that doesn’t qualify him to tell us Cajuns and Rednecks whose best qualified to deal with problems down here in the deepest of the deep southern states. I’m sure Paul’s presidential aspirations have nothing to do with his efforts to support Cassidy.

Sarah Palin also joined the Cassidy support team last week to ballyhoo his candidacy. Just last month, Palin was in Louisiana backing Col. Rob Maness, who was eliminated in the first primary election. I personally think Palin just likes coming down to Louisiana. Considering it’s below zero in Palin’s Alaska hometown, and the sun rarely appears this time of year, she will probably volunteer to come back again next month to barnstorm in a futile effort to rehabilitate Gov. Bobby Jindal’s poll numbers.

The Cassidy list of out of stators hankering to lecture on what’s best for us include Sen. John McCain from Arizona, Sen. Marco Rubio from Florida, and Gov. Rick Perry from Texas, just to name a few. And their message, at least in their own minds, must ring true. Louisianans like you and I are just too stupid to make up our own minds as to who is best qualified to represent us in Washington.

Incumbent Mary Landrieu, who has represented the state for the past 18 years in the senate, also must think we need to flood the state with outside opinions as to what is best for us. New Jersey Senator Corey Booker was in the Crescent City on Landrieu’s behalf last week, and she heads next week to a New York City penthouse to mingle with politicos and moneyed fat cats who support her Louisiana campaign. She even was endorsed by the Houston Chronicle that editorialized: “For Texas’ sake, Louisiana voters should elect Mary Landrieu to office.” So if she looses on December 6th, there may be a future for her in Lone Star state politics.

Then there is the huge problem of out of state campaign money flooding into the coffers of both Landrieu and Cassidy, who eagerly seek out special interest donations. Million of dollars in the first primary, and millions more in the runoff. It seems like every TV commercial is paid for by some out of state lobbying organization. Again, outside special interest groups, who could care less about Louisiana problems, but are anxious to tell Louisiana voters how to vote.

How about this idea? It’s simple. Candidates for public office in Louisiana could only raise campaign funds within the district in which they are running. So if a candidate is running for governor, he or she could only accept contributions from citizens of Louisiana. If the office sought were mayor, then the candidate would be limited to raising campaign funds within the city limits. No out of state money. No out of district dollars. Only those citizens who are eligible to vote for the candidate could make campaign contributions.

Letting only in state voters contribute to candidates would bring democracy back to where it should be. Back to the state or district level. That’s what the founding fathers envisioned. Citizens voting for their own destiny free from outside influence. Wouldn’t that be refreshing?


“Elections are more often bought than won.” – Rep. Lee Hamilton

Peace and Justice

Jim Brown

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