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March 7, 2013
]ARGUING WITH GOD IN NEW ORLEANS!  Did you watch the much-hyped, The Bible miniseries on the History Channel. There sure was a lot to cover, and there are  only 10 episodes hours.  So it was like watching the Bible’s greatest hits, a series of theme-park tableaus of one disaster after another.  Oh,I’ll watch again this...
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The Radio Weekend is upon us, and we here on the “Common Sense Show” are working hard to get ready for a lively show.  We will begin our show by looking at some of the top news events of the week. Atty. Gen. Eric Holder, for example, told a legislative committee in Washington this week...
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Thursday, March 7th, 2013 New Orleans, Louisiana  ARGUING WITH GOD IN NEW ORLEANS! Like millions of Americans this past Sunday, I sat down to watch the much-hyped, The Bible miniseries on the History Channel. But you can only cover so much in ten hours,  so viewers ended up watching the Bible’s greatest hits, a series...
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How bailout this amazing ending to a NEW ROCHELLE-MT VERNON BOYS BASKETBALL game? “¨While it seems like there’s a new crazy, jaw-dropping buzzer beater made every other day, this one from the championship game in White Plains, N.Y. might top all of them. Talk about a crazy ending. Take a look and see if you...
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  Here’s a gut-wrenching story of incompetence by a public official if you ever read one.  A state senator in Colorado scolds rape victim for supporting concealed carry on a college campus.  Do you get this? The brave young college student in the video below was raped, and only wished she had had a gun....
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