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We are broadcasting live from the Blue Ridge Mountains this weekend in Linville, North Carolina.  (OK! OK!  I’m getting away for a brief family vacation, but remember.  This is the ne age of technology, and I promise you will hear me loud and clear from Linville, North Carolina.  And we have a lively and interesting show all lined up for Sunday, July 29th.

 Republican Governors are now jumping on the online sales tax bandwagon as more and more states are looking for new and creative ways to tax, tax, tax.  But should not there be some relationship to what the consumer receives in return?  We will talk will tax expert David Selig, who heads up Selig and Associates in New York City, the pros and cons of online sales taxes. And you can read my recent column about this issue by Clicking Here.

 And are Americans losing faith in organized religion?  Not in religion itself, but in the hierarchy of the church and its leadership?  A new poll says so.  Take a listen and see what you think.  So lots to talk about on the “Common Sense” show this weekend.  Be sure and tune in.


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