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June 8, 2011
John Edwards is a sleazy guy who has betrayed his family, his friends and his supporters.  He has certainly fallen from grace and will carry this albatross for the rest of his life.  But is he a criminal under federal law and should he go to jail?   That’s the question that needs to be asked...
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Thursday, June 9th, 2011 New Orleans, Louisiana JOHN EDWARDS- IS IT A FEDERAL CRIME TO BE A SLEAZE? He was once the fair haired boy of the Democratic Party, and a major contender for the presidential nomination.  In December of 2006, I was working in New Orleans hosting a daily radio program on Clear Channel’s...
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Normally, the summertime is a slow news time of year, and radio shows like mine often scramble to book interesting topics for our listeners. Not in today’s climate. From worldwide confrontation to presidential, congressional and state politics, there is plenty of “red meat” to discuss, analyze and pontificate over. This week is no exception. John...
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Malcolm Holcombe is considered a bluegrass, folk singing genius in the Blue Ridge Mountains around Asheville, North Carolina.  He’s been around for years, and has a unique personal style of playing and singing that has built quite a following in the backwoods music field.  I’ve listened to Macomb for years.  He’s had highs and real lows...
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