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“Common Sense” Show Set for the Weekend!

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Normally, the summertime is a slow news time of year, and radio shows like mine often scramble to book interesting topics for our listeners. Not in today’s climate. From worldwide confrontation to presidential, congressional and state politics, there is plenty of “red meat” to discuss, analyze and pontificate over. This week is no exception. John Edwards (“Is Being a Sleaze a federal Crime?”), New York’s Congressman Andrew Weiner (How low can you go with your twittering?), and Sarah Palin (Paul Revere warns the British? Give us a break).

We will talk with NFL expert and Tulane law Professor Gabe Feldman about why there still could be a football strike this fall. What’s all the disagreement about? We fans just want to watch football. And in today’s economic doldrums, how does a family afford to take a summer vacation or even buy their season tickets? The Money Couple, Bethany and Scott palmer will join me to give some good current hints. Their new book, “First Comes Love, Then Comes Money, is a best seller and more information is available by Clicking Here.

Finally, summertime is a good time to get fit, lose some weight and begin eating better. Fitness guru Gus Deligiannidis will join me in giving good advice on how to talk a new direction in your life and begin feeling really good. Gus has a book titled: “My Personal Story of Health through Nutrition, Weight Loss, and Light Exercise and the Fascinating Wellness Program that came with it.” You can read all about it by Clicking Here.

A lively weekend planned, so be sure and tune in for Jim Brown’s “Common sense.”

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