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Who’s your choice for President?

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Now that we are all but over the Gubernatorial Election, (runoffs on set for November 17th, but with little interest and certainly a low turn out). the focus will turn to the presidential elections only a year away.? Have you made a choice yet?? Need some help?


Take this survey at the website below.? You take a short test of just a minute or two, and your views pick your choice for president. Give it a try and see if your candidate matches up with your political philosophy.



1 Response
  1. Don L. Whitfield

    I agree ethics reform and
    campaign finance reform are
    very important. But in my
    opinion fixing the health
    care system for the poor and
    middle class is just as important. Big Charity in
    New Orleans should be put on
    a fast track to be rebuilt.
    Every citizen should have access to quality health care. Thanks,
    Don W

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