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Sheriffs! and more

Crime control and prevention was the focus of Thursday’s show. I was joined by Sheriff Jack Stephens of St. Bernard Parish, and Sheriff Jiff Hingle of Plaquemines Parish for a lively discussion and numerous callers.

What can seniors do about skyrocketing health insurance, particularly prescription drugs? With me today do discuss this important issue was Linda Jones and Molly Prokop with the Jefferson Council on Aging. This is an extremely import area of concern for more and more of my listeners.

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  1. charlene mora

    I know you talk about Louisiana but I have a concern about the US. I see a “Civil War” going on in Washington DC. IT is the Democrats against the Republicans. I believe most of America is like me, SICK SICK of this and wish they would just be AMERICANS. Seems we are falling apart internally.

    Like they say, “If you cannot swim, why are you punching holes in the boat?”

    The reason- Too much power. I feel that we need to reshape the way we elect US representative is both houses. We need to break up this system of allowing them to stay there for life and build a dynasty. I propose term limits and do away with seniority. look what we got with that system!

    I want to believe that people get elected to Washington with high goals but soon get caught up in that artificial world of seniority and power bases. They seem to eventually forget why they are there and who they represent. It seems to take them over somewhere after their first four years. They seem to have to “play party politics” to survive there. This needs reform.

    Am I the ONLY person thinking this way? Is this a bad idea?

    I respect your observations. You are much smarter than I am at these things. Straighten out my logic here.

    Totally addicted to your radio show

    Charlene Mora, Director
    Concordia University

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