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July 7, 2024
Everyone seems to be talking about the Supreme Court giving former President Donald Trump all kinds of immunity. But is he really immune from any private act he undertakes? I have some personal experience with private versus public actions, and you would be surprised to know that I’ve been sued on many occasions as a...
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My friend Kinky Friedman, one of the real Texas musical outlaws, died a few weeks ago. I called him my friend. I heard him perform on any number on occasions, and he’d like to talk about Louisiana politics. If you haven’t followed Kinky, he and his band, the Texas Jewboys, won acclaim for their satirical...
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          Monday, July 8th, 2024 Baton Rouge, Louisiana LOUISIANA COURTS FIRST RULED WHEN A PRESIDENT IS ABOVE THE LAW!  These days, it’s hard to find a political controversy on the national stage that does not, in some way, involve Louisiana.  You may be surprised to know that a lawsuit involving land...
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A provocative look at the deepest of the  deep southern states by two veterans of  Louisiana politics. Thoughts that are informative, candid, humorous, and  sometimes controversial about life in  one of the most interesting and rabble-rousing states in the nation.

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