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The title hopes of Louisiana’s flagship University, LSU, were dampened in its home opener with a messy lost to Florida State University. I have  followed the highs and lows of LSU football for over 50 years.  What a treat to follow the players who grew up in Louisiana, played high school football, then went on to a great football career and stayed in  Louisiana. No more! Something called the NIL allows players to   make big  bucks and transfer a will to another school.  For  me, it’s just not fun anymore.  See my analysis about LSU football. You could read it by going to the Red Flashing Box above or by Clicking Here.

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  1. Having watched Brian Kelly at Notre Dame for several seasons fail to reach the top, I have doubts of what he will accomplish at LSU. I attended both schools. Kelly is not a natural inspirator or leader. Not an Eisenhower or Patton or Dabbo or Saban. Kelly will have more talent to coach at LSU so maybe that will make a difference. Notre Dame will do better without Kelly. Too soon to tell for LSU. Kelly got a sweet deal at LSU and a better wardrobe consultant.

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