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May 7, 2023
  The Louisiana legislature is in session right now, and one of the most controversial proposals is to give all legislators a pay raise from $16,800-$60,000. Quite a jump. Now let me say that I think a pay raise is deserving. But they make a lot more than $16,800 when you total up all the...
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New Podcast up.  Go to www.DateLineLouisiana.com.
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Monday, May 8th, 2023 Baton Rouge, Louisiana LEGISLATORS GOTTA HAVE A PAY RAISE!  In case you missed the news bulletin, a number of legislators in Baton Rouge say they just have to have a big pay raise to survive.  The initial proposal was for legislators to see a pay bump from the current $16,800 to...
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Were you up and about at 5 o’clock am on Saturday? It was really nice of King Charles to have his Coronation on my birthday. I’m having British tea and biscuits.  
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  It’s hard to see how you can besmirch the FBI anymore. Week after week, there seems to be more disclosures about ineptitude, carelessness, or outright criminal activity by FBI agents and former FBI Agents.  In the latest scandal, a former FBI agent has been arrested and accused of urging a mob of Trump supporters...
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