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February 13, 2019
The state of Virginia is in a blackface uproar as controversy surrounds both the Governor in the Attorney General who admit to wearing blackface some 35 years ago. Does something in one’s past that happened a long time ago make them unfit to serve in public office today? There’s quite a comparison between Virginia and...
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February 14th, 2019 Baton Rouge, Louisiana BLACKFACE, LOUISIANA AND CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES! Blackface mania has consumed voters in Virginia and is seeping into other states.  Are their closeted politicians in Louisiana who are perusing their old yearbooks and scrapbooks to see if there are any blackface photos lurking in their past?  Actually, no, since blackface...
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For weekend radio, we have a jam packed show plan for our listeners. What about all these tax giveaways to large corporations? Do they really make a difference? We will talk with Russell Latino, Vice President, Economic Freedom at Americans for Prosperity to gets his concerns.  And there is a lot of talking in Congress...
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I came across an old Dean Martin tape while cleaning some book shelves.  Wow, it was really a different time back then. Entertainment was not so politically correct, and celebrities from all races openly made fun of each other and their ethnic backgrounds. If something like this were put on today, there would certainly be...
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