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January 23, 2019
January 24th, 2019 Baton Rouge, Louisiana  A NO-CALL FOR THE SAINTS AS WELL AS LOUISIANA VOTERS! New Orleans Saints fans and practically the whole state of Louisiana are up in arms.  And for good reason.  It’s become the most talked about call in the history of NFL football.  Simply put-the Saints got robbed. You had...
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We got robbed” would be an understatement on what happened in the Superdome last week. Yes, the game was taken away from us Saints fans, an outrage over the terrible non-call is rightly deserved. But should such outrage in Louisiana be limited just to football game? What about similar outrage over our quality of life,...
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A wild and woolly radio show weekend is close at hand, and we really have a duzer this week. Did the referees get bought off in the New Orleans Saints”“ LA Rams game? They think so in New Orleans. Also, just how bad is the government shutdown? Dr. O, our global ““ affairs consultant, will...
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This combination photo shows the totally eclipsed moon (center), and others at different stages during the total lunar eclipse, as seen in the U.S. let week.  Quite  sight if you missed it.
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