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November 28, 2018
Louisiana seems to continue to be in the bull’s-eye of criticism as to how we run our government down here in the deepest of the deep southern states. One columnist is even suggesting that the Bayou State give up its statehood, and become a US protectorate. We keep all our mineral income and natural resources,...
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Did you know that health care fraud cost taxpayers a hundred billion dollars a year? We will talk with physician’s assistant Sharon Bahrych as to why. Also, do you have a guardian angel? Karen Mussette, author of My Guardian Angels will discuss with those why so many people believe in guardian angels. And getting ready for...
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Thursday, November 29th, 2018 Baton Rouge, Louisiana SHOULD THE FEDS MAKE LOUISIANA A PROTECTORATE? HECK YES! Have you heard the cries that Louisiana is unable to take care of its problems, and should be treated differently than other states? Some even say, OK, then “” make it a protectorate of the federal government.  And you...
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We all know that many things are impossible. But isn’t it amazing how the man spirit can let someone overcome so many barriers. Take a look at the table tennis player with no hands. No Hands? That’s right. Just shows you what commitment and desire can overcome.
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As many readers of my website  know, I graduated from the University of North Carolina on an athletic scholarship, and have been good friends with former football Coach Mack Brown for a number of years.  Well some exciting news: Mack Brown, who will be inducted into the National Football Foundation’s College Hall of Fame in...
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