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May 23, 2018
THE TOAST OF LSU! If there ever was a Louisiana legend down here the Bayou State, it was Heisman Trophy winner and football All-American Billy Cannon. He died this week, and the whole state is in mourning. Billy Cannon had his highs and lows, but the people down here loved him wherever he went. Even...
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May 24th, 2018 Baton Rouge, Louisiana   THE HIGHS AND LOWS OF BILLY CANNON THE TOAST OF LSU!  Billy Cannon died this week. He was a Louisiana sports legend. There are some things you just don’t forget. Where you were on 9/11, or when President John Kennedy was shot.  Down here in the Bayou State, add to...
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Showtime for our Common Sense radio program. Do we now have spygate engulfing the FBI? And how about Hawaii’s volcano”“ Is it telling us something? Dr. Richard Ruhling thinks so and will tie in Biblical prophecy. His latest book is “God bless America?” Also author Jim DeFelice will talk about his new book, “West Like Lightning”, about...
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If you live down here in Louisiana, you keep your eye out for flooding during this time of year. There’s massive runoff from rivers and streams throughout the north, the pass right by my hometown. The map below really pushes the focus on how much water actually come down the river. Two thirds of all...
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