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May 2, 2018
Thursday, May 3rd, 2018 Baton Rouge, Louisiana THE DANGERS OF MEDICAL MARIJUANA IN LOUISIANA! Is medical marijuana the next Louisiana boondoggle?  The current Louisiana legislature seems bent on pushing through extended legislation that enlarges the number of medical conditions marijuana is supposed to treat. And even though the use of marijuana for any purpose, medical or...
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The Louisiana legislature seems to be rushing a number of new laws expanding the use of medical marijuana. Spasms, stress, back pain, you name it. Under the new law, a wide variety of discomforts qualify you to get a prescription for marijuana. Interestingly, doctors are not jumping on board, and endorsing such a move. Why not?...
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A full schedule for weekend radio program. Oral friend, Eric Anderson, former US intelligence officer, will join us to update on the Korean situation as well as the present James Comey controversy. What’s better in restrooms, hand dryers or paper towels? Mark Warner, infectious disease expert will discuss. And how about that Georgia nursing home...
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What an impressive new National Memorial for Peace and Justice, which opened Thursday in Montgomery, Ala., as a monument to the thousands of black people who have been lynched. Many of the nearly 4,400 victims had never been named in public.  I’m looking forward to a viewing when I travel up that way next month.
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Just what does it take to live and long life, maybe even 100 years?  One component wold be that if we did everything with kindness and love, peace and happiness would come to us. A wise and good person is composed and happy, whereas a fool is always worried and full of distress and negativity....
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