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January 3, 2018
As the Music Man sang, there’s trouble in River City at LSU. The Bayou State’s flagship has had a bad few months. Mediocre football some people will say. But it’s much worse than this. What once was the outstanding university in the south has dropped way below average. What happened and what can be done?...
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A great weekend show lined up from our listeners. Dr. John Dyben joins us to talk about new discoveries of no addictive opioids. This could be a huge breakthrough. Also, certified counselor Leigh Richardson we’ll talk about eating fish and how it improves IQ scores and sleep. And finally, does the South get painted in...
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Well is it cold enough for you? We rarely get cold weather down here in the deepest of the southern states. I remember on a number of occasions going to swimming in my backyard pool in January. No way this year. We are supposed to get some snow in a few days, and the kids...
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Thursday, January 4th, 2018 Baton Rouge, Louisiana THE RISE AND FALL OF LSU! There has been a lot of bad news out of LSU, Louisiana’s flagship university in recent weeks. Not just on the football field where the Tigers have completed a mediocre season, even though they have the highest salaried group of coaches in...
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