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December 6, 2017
We’ve heard so much about the Russians hacking elections across the US. Is it possible to tamper with our voting machines and change the outcome of who wins political offices? Many think so, and offer a variety of solutions. One suggestion is to return to paper ballots. Their argument is that you can’t fix paper....
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Thursday, December 7th, 2017 Baton Rouge, Louisiana BACK TO VOTING ON PAPER BALLOTS?  A hue and cry is mounting around the country that voting machines used on Election Day are eminently hackable. Congress is investigating charges by the Office of Homeland Security that Russia attempted to hack into voting machines in 21 different states. So...
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Radio weekend is close at hand, with many subjects to discuss. Professor John Quigley, a professor emeritus of international law will join us to discuss the implications of moving Israel’s embassy. And the president wants to selloff thousands of acres from our national parks. Environmentalist Andy Curry gives us his view. Finally, Investment Management Specialist...
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Did you see the Supermoon this past Sunday night? We found a clear sport outside our house to watch it here in Baton Rouge.   Check out the Supermoon rising in front of a replica of the Statue of Liberty, atop the Liberty Building in downtown Buffalo, N.Y., last evening. December’s full moon appears bigger...
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Another week, and another scandal involving the FBI. The top FBI agent booted from special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe for trashing President Trump in partisan text messages to his mistress has also emerged as a key player in the investigation that cleared Hillary Clinton over her email scandal. Peter Strzok, a lead investigator on both...
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