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July 23, 2014
Thursday, July 24th, 2014 Baton Rouge, Louisiana  TOO MANY INNOCENTS GETTING THE DEATH PENALTY! There is a reason the death penalty is rarely enforced anymore, particularly in the federal judicial system. Too many innocent victims are being convicted, based on cover-ups and the withholding of exculpatory evidence by some federal and state prosecutors. A recent...
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The death penalty is rarely enforced anymore, and there is a good reason. It seems a week does not go by in the U.S. where some convict sitting on death row has good lawyers who turn up evidence of prosecutorial misconduct. There have been convicts here in my home state of Louisiana who have comes within...
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The weekend is closing in, and there is so much going on in the news for us to talk about on the Common Sense Weekend program. We were not able to connect, because of international transmission problems, with our guest David Dellit. He will be on our show this weekend to continue our discussion: it...
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Ray Bonneville, a great southern blues singer, came to my hometown this past week for a solo concert at the Red Dragon. I’ve heard Ray perform on several occasions. He stops the rhythm with both feet, plays the harmonica, and is a first rate guitar picker. Below is a song about New Orleans.
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I hope to have all the energy you can see in this delightful older gentleman in the video below. I certainly agree with the premise that you are only as old as you feel. Seeing him on the dance floor, he still has a lot of living to do. Take a look.
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