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Radio Program Weekend!

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The weekend is coming, and that means it’s time for the “Common Sense” Radio Show.  We welcome three new radio stations to the “Common Sense” network of radio stations all over America.

KLID (1340 AM) in Poplar Bluff, Missouri

WKRO (1490 AM) in Cairo, Illinois

ҬKVOC (1330 AM) in Casper, Wyoming

-Our old friend, Steve Berry is back on the bestseller charts again with his new book, “The Lincoln Myth.”Â  Steve has had a number of best selling thrillers, and this new book debuts as number three on The New York Times best seller lists.  It’s a present day mystery that looks back at what Lincoln did and did not do during the Civil War.  A great read that I enjoyed and that you can find out more about by Clicking Here.


As always, we will review the past week’s news, and particularly look at all the dysfunction in Washington, from the Veterans Administration scandal, to massive problems within the FBI, as well as this strange release of an American serviceman who may or may not have betrayed his country.  And of course the question of why the congress is not showing more oversight and backbone. So be sure and tune in.  Check your local listings for times and stations.

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