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Judge Beats Up Lawyer!

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This week in Brevard County, Florida, a public defender got beaten at arraignment, literally. Judge John Murphy is accused of punching veteran public defender Andrew Weinstock in the face repeatedly, after the two exchanged words in the courtroom. Murphy reportedly wanted Weinstock’s client to waive his right to a speedy trial, and when he refused, the judge said “If I had a rock I’d throw it at you” and then invited him outside of the courtroom to “beat [his] ass”.

The dialogue in the courtroom was captured on video (below). In the video you can see Weinstock exit the courtroom, reportedly thinking it was just to talk. Once they got off camera, without saying a word, the judge reportedly grabbed him by the collar and began punching him in the head. You can hear the sounds of scuffle on the courtroom video. Two deputies broke up the melee, after which Judge Murphy returned to the bench and began hearing other cases. “I will catch my breath eventually,” Murphy said.“Man, I’m an old man.” Keep your guard up when dealing with sanctimonious judges, both in Florida, and here in my home state of Louisiana.

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